Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Advance birthday dinner

Hi! Today, I'm late for school as per normal LOL Head to lunch with Boyfriend after school. 

Met up with my family to dine at PARADISE DYNASTY for my advance b'day dinner :-) 

Overall, it was an awesome dinner but today wasn't a good day. Well, all i'm gonna say is that i'm numb already. 


Chilling while blogging :-) Anyway that's the effect from my cammy and it's so nice haha

I'm so sorry I couldn't load the video i did with my bf and I've no idea why T_T 
But here's some photos we took during the filming ^^

Shall end with my bf's silly face haha

 Byebye ^_^

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Monday, 25 March 2013

Family outings

Hi guys! This weekends, I had family outing :-) On Saturday, met Mommy and Dad up at Orchard central for lunch, before that, boyfriend and I walked around Ion because we reached there early! Boyfriend bought this cute mini donuts!!! This is the first time I'm bring my boyfriend outing with my Dad and I am so scared but everything went well.... Phew.. HAHA ^_^

Walked to Orchard central and dine at Chatterbox. 

I had this Alfredo sauce spaghetti with salmon, yummy ^_^ but didn't have much appetite that's why I didn't managed to finished it, if not I sure finish all one, even my sis love it and keep stealing my salmon LOL! WE ARE SALMON LOVER but I hate raw ones, is like EW? 

Chatterbox's signature dish, Chicken Rice. Can you like believe it, a plate of chicken rice for $20+ Looks normal to me except that they have like a lot of sauces beside. This is Boyfriend's one, he said the chicken is fleshy and the rice taste normal. 

After lunch, we headed to shop and these is all i bought. Didn't bother to measure or what because it's so pretty and I'm afraid that I can't wear..... But then let's face the reality, went home to try and I couldn't wear. So... I'm selling off the 2 denim bottoms :-) If anybody is interested, you guys at tweet me. I'm selling at $10 each, size S for both. 

If you guys read up my twitter, I've got a new camera ^^ Dad got it for my birthday prezzie. I like it because it's pink and able to flip to front cam... Whooo chio-ness!!! 

Had dinner with family @ Jurong East but Boyfriend only joined us awhile and left :-(


Dad wanted an outdoor outing so..... Boyfriend suggested Harppa Villa!

Using my new cam hehe

Looking like a haunted house...

Didn't managed to snap everything because I'm lazy

Looking funny LOL

Don't know y my brother keep want take picture with dustbin?? LOL


Heart shape leaf

In English, it means "Tolerate" 

*Reading seriously* 

Fat sumo VS Skinny sumo

Headed to snow city afterwards because little bro kept pestering us to go, it was so fun because we make a huge "snow" and throw at random people behind their back n ran away LOL I WILL GO THERE AGAIN. HAHAHA ^_^ Regretted not buying the photos :(

Favourite bak kut teh since child ^^ Finally, after don't know how many years...

After dinner, Dad dropped bby and I at Jurong East then we head to buy KOI ^.^ All time favourite Ice cream milk tea! 

Overall it's a good weekend! 

Boyfriend and I had done the boyfriend/girlfriend tag and I will upload it after i edit the video, stay tune :-)

 Bye bye! :-)

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