Friday, 26 July 2013

Fashion design

Hello! Just gonna update this little space of mine and am using my phone to blog because I don't have the laptop battery.

Ok so ya, few days back there's a career talk in my school and all the polytechnic was there. The moment I saw the course for apparel design I'm like "THIS IS MY DREAM"! I have never talked about fashion design to anyone before because I knew I'm never gonna make it. I can't even draw a freaking figurine..... LOL *Am still thinking if I should even post my first attempts on drawings. Every time I look at it, I literally laughed ALONE lol! So a few days ago I asked one of my art student friend to teach me how to draw and she's really patient and never criticize my drawing, she kept saying that I'm improving and obviously I am not...... So sweet right! 

*One of my favorite contact lens*

I am actually not the kind of art person and I don't really like to draw, I just want to design clothes that suits my preference! Just now while checking my email, I saw that a blogshop is looking for fashion designers and I'm like.... I WANT but l think if I send in my drawings they sure laugh haha so I'm trying to improve, watch more tutorials on YouTube. *still thinking weather i should post up the drawings..* I might laugh again if I take it out and see HAHAHAHA it's rly very very funny and HORRIBLE! Even a P6 can draw better than me... Went to a library with Jh and borrowed book about design. I seems serious, I never really have a goal in life and even if I have, I don't really go and pursue it so I guess I'm serious this time round, hehehe! Just hope that this will continues and bring me farther hohoho 

Initially I wanted to take a business course but nooooooo way! Although future may seems bright but I hate oral and presentation!!!!!!! 

Okay I think I don't want to post up the drawings, so embarrassing HAHAHHAHAHA 

Ok so.... TGIF! Whoop whoop! Went back home after school and took a nap, like quite long never take afternoon nap so I felt really good! Went to dinz with bf and his friends at SUBWAY!!! My favorite!!!! And had a surprise birthday celebration for his friend! Hiakhiak, got cake eat but it's chocolate cake... Meh I hate chocolate cake. 

Ok so baibai I am going to either sleep or watch more tutorials. Wish me luck and I hope I can fulfill my dreamzzzzzz WAHAHHA maybe in my dreamland ba ok zai jian! 

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Sunday, 7 July 2013


HELLO! I'm back in action baby! Because finally I've something to blog about which is my boyfriend and I 1 yr anni. Whoop, I can say that time fliesssssssssssssssss so freaking fast! Anyway, I was wondering if anybody's like me, a few days back I was showering and used the shampoo that I first used in my boyfriend's house..... Its the smell that we just got together!!! LOL ABIT CRAZY I KNOW LA. Maybe i miss the past too much hehe, I admit I'm even more happier when we first got together than now. Of course la, guys always like this one, treat girls damn good at first ma HAHHAA AFTER THAT SHOW TRUE COLOURS!! Haha, BUT yes of course I still love him dearly ^^ 

#OOTD - Polka dot spaghetti and polka dot high waist skirt. 
I LOVE POLKA DOT :D Actually the skirt is very long for me but I folded in at the bottom of the skirt :-) 

We totally have no plans on what to do on our anniversary because Singapore is simply too small........ Or maybe we too suaku don't know any nice & romantic place to go LOL Told boyfriend that I want to eat Mac breakfast and so we prepared early in the morning and head to have our breakfast and totally have no plans after that. :(

After much much much discussions, we decided to go to Bishan to watch a movie.

We caught World War Z, not bad not bad :)

After the movie, we didn't know where to go and guess what? We stood outside the MRT station looking at the map for almost 30-45minutes WTF Sounds boring right? But this was the MOST FUN PART of the day LOL so ya we just kept talking and laughing all the way ^_^ And finally we decided to head back to CCK(-___-). Yes we are being dumb.



SUPER BAD HAIR DAY EVERYDAY T_T Anyway wearing my new heels :D Quite okay cause it didn't give me any blisters yay 

We headed back to cck and now troubled over what to eat because I wanna eat like everything(LOL), pizza hut, swensen, delifrance, sakae and finally made a decision to go club july :D 

I LOVEEEEEE THE CHEESE FRIES!! Also drank the ribena with HONEYBALLS which I don't have the patient anymore because I'm so huuuuuungry..

Was complaining to bf that I'm tired walking on my heels and I took off my heels halfway and decided to walk barefooted home and this lil cute pie of mine suddenly took off his birks and gave it to me!!!!!! It is like the sweetest thing he did to me lor!!!!!!!!! WAHAHAHA love him so much :D

Home sweet home ^_^

It was a really simple day but Im rly very happy :-) No I'm not going to like type a looooong message here for him cause I have already made a book for him filled with lots of words and love, read already sure headache wahaha. But just gonna wish him HAPPY 1 yr anniversary baby and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I will be your super glue forever and never stop annoying and pestering you hahah I give you my words, xoxo.  I bet he read that sentence wanna run away already. keke! Oh ya not much photos ah cause i've one super huge and ugly ah neh zits I wanna cry :-( I want to have flawless skin but............. Sigh I'm just gonna go cry 


Signing off,