Sunday, 10 February 2013

Chinese new year 2013

Hi, it has been so long since I blogged! Changed a new blog skins but didn't have the time or should I say lazy to blog, haha! Well it's Chinese New Year today and I'm so bored rn.

Ootd for new year :-) Just a normal simple dress in mustard colour. Before I head to visit my bf's relative, we headed to church. I'm not a catholic but I feel it is quite cool lor haha. Tried to sing the song too! 

Here's bf carrying a baby and she eventually fell asleep in his arm. So cute, can't wait to have one hahaha! Just kidding, I only want a baby when I'm 24 or 25 but babies are so cute. Really want to carry her but I have the phobia of carrying a baby because I'm afraid I'll drop them or make them cry x.x Sum up for today's visiting is boring because bf playing mahjong all the way while i gambled and lost $10. Ended up falling asleep at the sofa.

Being really happy to finally head home end up, something ruined my day. I really don't mind if your friends come and play but please, the way you are treating me is like I'm a substitute. You need me you come to me, you don't need me, you leave me there. How many days have you neglect me because of your games? You told me that you hope I could stop using my phone what about you? Hugging your phone like your wife this past few days. If you can treat me like that, why don't you treat your friends like this too? Oh, or the things I do can't compare to the things your friends did. What did they do for you anyways? *Roll eyes* You say I am making things difficult for you, why should I give in? When your friends also make things difficult things for you, did you ask them to give in? OR YOU ASKED ME TO GIVE IN WHEN I'M BEING ACCUSED. You never understand how I felt. Being accused is like being stabbed. I hate being accused. I don't care if your friends called me a bitch, make up too much, don't respect them, what matters is what you think about me.

I'm so upset, when i cry what did you do? Left me there. When your friend's friend cry, you gave her a tissue. Can't believe I'm that least important to you. Totally speechless. I can't post on twitter, I can't post anything bout how i'm feeling, then what am I supposed to do? Keep everything to myself and then breakdown miserably when you don't even give a flying fuck?

Being so plain stupid making myself feel so miserable when you don't give a fuck. Whatever, enough of hiding everything to myself. Crying won't make me feel better but even more worst.

( A happy me going shopping before cny and reunion dinner a few days back )

Just a ranting post because I really have no one to talk to. Omg, can't believe you still can continue your game.

Anyway, been skipping school for the past few weeks, feeling so guilty. I must work hard already...

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