Saturday, 27 April 2013

Saturday with my boyfriend

Hellooooooo! It's finally weekends!!! Ok, let's talk about my friday.

T.G.I.F ^_^

After school I headed home to wait for my boyfriend so that he could accompany to meet my buyers. You can shop at my instastop @shoptrixiepixie :) Everyone was nice and friendly except for one stupid idiot who stop replying my text and even refuse to answer my call. She only return my text ard 12am+ and claim that her prepaid low. IF PREPAID LOW CAN CALL THROUGH ONE MEH -.- Lie without using brain. But forget it. So, bf and I headed bukit batok to have dinner there cause I'm meeting the rest of my buyers there. Had Subway ^^ their soup are delicious and i love their cheddar cheese :D 

This week loots:
Heart sling bag 

Geek crop top
I wore it today, from a instashop

Wine red maxi dress 

Maybelline bb cream 
From fairprice. Fairprice having promotion now!!!!! Even cheaper than sasa, watson!! Yay it's a steal!!!

Bf got me this

Maybelline pore eraser at watson $27.90
Maybelline pressed power $11.90 

Fyi I'm not a fan of maybelline products but they seems good. Ahaha :)

#ootd today. Pardon me for taking pictures in the toilet but because my bf is using the mirror haha

Bf and I had planned to go IKEA today a few days ago to eat and walk around, but while in the bus we talk and talk and talk and suddenly he ask me if I wanna watch Ironman 3 so I'm like Okay let's go! Cause we are super lazy to travel all the way to Queensway :( But I rly wanna go eat there cause it has been so long since I've been there and the time I remember I went was when I'm still a little kid LOL. 

Lunched at Macdonald, ate a little cause I wanna give my stomach some space for my favourite nachos!!!!! (Although lot-1 nachos sucks) Wanted to buy nachos before we go in but the queue is so ridiculously long ARGHHH!!!! T_T So went in the cinema without my nachos. IRONMAN 3 WAS AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Rating 5/5 must watch!!

After the movie, we walked around sat down and have desert. Bought some treats for Phoebe and takoballs for myself hehe. Phoebe is my bf's doggy, it's a chiwawa and she only know how to sit hahaha. She is super small size and have very little fur. Shall show you guys one day, maybe in a video or pictures. 

So ya, that marks the end of our day! 

 Bye bye! :-)

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Monday, 22 April 2013

Contact lens collection and giveaways

Hi! Today it's e-learning day which we have to do our assignment at home without going to school. Whoop whoop! So it's stay home day on a weekday yay! So.. I have decided to blog about my lens collection!!! 

All my lens are Luxury babe, people who do not buy lens might not know what's luxury babe, don't worry it's just a brand where you can see many people are selling it on facebook, twitter or instagram. I don't buy lens from shop because they only have limited designs while on the internet, there's soooo many designs I can choose and they are super cheap too like $10 per pair or even $8 per pair. 

I used to sell lens on the internet too but I've stop already. 

I forgot this is what series already but it's in purple in colour as you can see. Actually I didn't choose this design and I don't rly like this design one lor and it's not very comfortable too.... The seller gave me the wrong ones then nevermind lor, I just take it since I need new lens. I bought 2 lens from her and both lens she gave me the wrong ones and I waited for super long and I needed new lens so much so I just take lor... If you all want to know which shop I get it from, you guys can tweet me or something.. Not trying to defame her la, look, I didn't even post her link here :) 

Luxury 18 

This is my favorite lens of all!!!! It's like nudy kind. I got this from Bangkok, at first it was uncomfortable but when I wear longer, it's getting better :)

Luxury 37 brown
I wore this pair most of the times because it is super comfortable :D

Luxury 40 green
Also my favorite because the colour is so bright and look very glittery? Glassy? LOL VERY CHIO JIU SHI LE!

The black one which is very basic one :)

My contact lens casing. Yellow is not my fav colour fyi.. LOL the person just give me the yellow ones..

THIS IS MY FAV LENS CASING OF ALL, got it from bangkok. Regretted not getting more.

Luxury 37 blue. 
Hadn't opened this. This is also the wrong lens that the person gave me :(

I recently order more lens on the net and i hope it's the correct one and comfortable. Hehe


Luxury 01 grey 0/100

Luxury 10 blue 0/0

I'm holding a giveaway for this 2 pairs of lens and a mystery apparel!!! Find out more at my instashop: @Shoptrixiepixie

Simply just: 
1) Like and share the photo on my instastop
2) Follow us on @shoptrixiepixie OR @Rachellim_ on instagram
3) Tag us on the photo
4) Comment under the box below
5) Winner will be announced on 28 April 2013, Sunday 8PM 

 Bye bye! :-)

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Saturday, 20 April 2013

"Couple date"

Hey guys :-) I am currently uploading my videos on youtube which is already taking me 2 hours and now it just stop loading wtf and it's like 4.28am :( So I might have to delay this post and save it as draft! Never mind about that. Bf and I decided to head to town with Hannah and Weibin. While waiting for bf to prepare..... camwhore time :D

Went out and the weather is a killer.............. SWEATING LIKE A MAD PIG I SWEAR :(

I ended up taking off my heels and changed to slipper because I rly can't stand the pain. Super lucky that I brought slippers along. Slippers to town? *gosh* Anyway, my legs look so loooooooong and I LOVE IT. But still..... in reality, it's like a short banana lol!


Bf's fish and chip

Actually nothing much lor, just walked around and shop. Let the pictures do the talking okay! Let's go!

What cha looking at bby? *tiko alert

Coincidentally met my sissy at scape, woohoooo AND I SAW KIMBERLY CHIA!!! Super pretty!

Loots today! ^_^ Got the dream catcher for bf cause he always complain he is always having bad dreams. A black heart pouch, they have in red, black, blue, pink and creme. I RLY WANTED TO BUY ALL OF THEM T_T IT'S SO PRETTY..... Anyway, I also bought a red heart sling bag on the internet, and it can totally go with the black heart pouch hehe. If you all are interested in any of the items, you guys can go and ask me where I got it okay :-)

They all came over to Bf's house to chill, play around LOL playing mini mahjong but Han don't know how to play, so when I'm teaching her while those two fellas are cheating -__-" 

Pizaa hut delivery for dinner and off they go and marks the end of our "couple date day" hoho. Really enjoyed my day today and I saw like 3 actresses and actor!!! Actually I not those crazy fans of  anybody or what, I just feel very amaze lor cause I first time see AHAHAHA 

Vlog #1. I don't know if this counted as a vlog a not but whatever :D 

 Bye bye! :-)

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