Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Sum up of february

Hi!!! Finally i'm going to blog about my valentine's day even though it is like a month ago? To be honest, this is the first time I am celebrating Valentine's day.... Is it unbelievable or believable? 

Pretty a not? Consist of 12 roses. I went to google the meaning of 12 roses and it was "Be my steady". Ok la, I think my boyfriend never do research one :-( LOL but it's okay la, still very happy. Hehe

This really huge pink bear that boyfriend gave it to me! Guess how he wanted to surprise me? He asked me to turn back and blast music on my earpiece. I was so excited, like really really excited!!! Actually I aga aga also know what he giving me already cause I secretly dug his bag and found a Minitoon membership card. Shhh, he doesn't know about that. Haha! But then, I'm still really surprised la ^^ Isn't it cute?

 A small card written by boyfriend. Awww, this is the first time he wrote a card to me. Actually he give me one card write something inside I also very happy one, no need give me present one lor haha! And yes, we did not celebrate on the actual valentine's day.

But still, we head to my favorite restaurant and dine there. Guess where? :-) 

Ice cream for desert. Nomnom*

We caught Wedding Diary the day after Valentine's day.

 Before the movie, we had some desert! Omg, saliva gonna drop liao. 

Sissy and me! She so pretty hor.... No need tell me she prettier than me cause I know it myself :'( LOL playing with her fish eye lens :)

 That's it, I shall stop here and do wait for my next post ah ^_^

Bye bye!
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