Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Hi guys, just a quick update while waiting for emails and before I head to do my work. It's thursday, the day I hated most because school ends at 2.30pm which is super late. I seriously cannot standing staying in school for very long thus 2.30pm is super late to me and don't even say staying back for remedial till 5pm. And so I decided to be rebellious today by not going to school, actually no la, I'm just too tired to wake up hehe.

Currently waiting for the person to email regarding the fish eye lens cause the previous supplier suck. I mean like she took ages to reply a message and took 3 weeks to send my parcel so ya... so sorry for the delay of the fish eye lens.

O LEVEL Chinese paper in 4 days time and I hope to get A1 which is quite impossible LOL but it's good to aim high. So I'm gonna chiong study later. This bf of mine still jio me go play mahjong before the day of my MT PAPER, but I rejected him. DETERMINE TO GET GOOD RESULT.

Yesterday a very good friend of mine ignore me yesterday and I've no idea why T_T Hopefully everything will be okay soon... Even dreamt of her last night. :(

Oh by the way, I am so angry with one customer because I waited for her for almost 1 hour, I met her and then let her check the item. Then she still got the cheek to tell me "Do you mind if I don't want it anymore?" WTS....... -.- Ok just a rly short post, bye people!

Signing off,

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My life

Hi, no school today cause its marking day ^^ So gonna cry when I see my result. But anyway, I was thinking why people say I got donald duck lips so I went to search for donald duck.

HAHAHHAHAHA, cute? I think it's because I always take photo with my lips like the first picture above. Otherwise, if you are saying my lips is thick, then LOL MY LIPS IS NOT THICK EXCUSE ME, ARE YOU BLIND?


THEN WHAT IS THIS YOU TELL ME!?!? LOL btw this photos kind of freaks me out. 

So being curious, I went to search for donald duck lips 

Or do you mean donald duck lips like that *the pic above. Cute what! LOL you trying to say I cute or what ah??? 

Or this??? FUCKING BLIND FAGGOT, OBVIOUSLY I DON'T LOOK LIKE THIS if you are trying to tell me that I look like this. I strongly advise you to go see an optician.

Ok next topic. SOME people says that my boyfriend's families spent a lot on me. Well, I have no idea how they find this out, or maybe they are like among the families, who knows ^_^ You know I know :) But for your information, if you're not the one who is paying then kindly shhhhh ok


It's all about schooling, shopping, relationship, families. So let's talked about my daily routine. I wake up early in the morning 5.30 am to prepare for school. I have to take 2 bus trips and 1 train trip to reach my school and all I did is because of my boyfriend because I do not want him to feel lonely as he is under probation for some reason. Just because I don't state my reason why am I staying with my boyfriend does not mean my family is under FAS and I depend on my boyfriend. I pay for my shopping expenses, daily products like panty liners/sanitary pads, food sometimes my bf will buy me stuffs to surprise me. Yes I do feel guilty that they always buy dinner for me since I'm always at home at night but at times I will ask them not to buy for me(which I'll then cook maggie I BOUGHT myself) and you can't possibly ask me to pay them like $3 $2 $5 each time they buy for me, I mean like it's so awkward la and do you think they will take the money? Of course no dumb fuck! 

My boyfriend always shower me with gifts mean I'm depending on him? He buy me stuffs and I buy him stuffs, some times we would treat each other to dinner and buy each other stuffs. Is it wrong? FYI NO and it does not mean he is depending on me or I am depending on him. 

Oh by the way, guys rly should stop calling sanitary pads KOTEX because Kotex is just a brand or maybe pads in malay language is kotex I don't know? 

I shop everyday online and love shopping a lot. I think I have a new hobby which is coloring my hair with an editor LOL might be a cool hobby cause don't need to spend money keke

As for my relationship, most should know my boyfriend and I are like super glue ahahahhaa, we stick to one another like everyday but of course my boyfriend always find me annoying T_T and ya la I also at times find him annoying. When we fight, the next morning when we wakes up, we are like fine again. But he never apologise to me even when he's wrong and I am super angry about it. 
Last night we fought cause I keep shaking him when he want to sleep then he twist my hand so I cried LOL. I threw all the toys off the bed then he's like "BITCH" LOL then I'm like "STUPID DOG". And then next morning which is today, he's like "want smoke?" then I'm like "Okay lor" Before he go to school, hugs and kisses and byebye. HAHHAA Sometimes I think we're rly cute. ^^ 

My dad's in Malaysia now working and I'm still deciding weather to go KL cause you know O level coming already... But it's just for a few days, so ya. So deciding lor, but rly wanna go cause I miss him!!! But i hates travelling except going to bangkok my favourite shopping spot! 

DUCK LIPS FROM US, if you still insist I have a duck lip HAHA ^_^ Bye darlings xx

Signing off,

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Sunday, 19 May 2013


Hi all :-) I just dyed my hair purple as you can see from the picture above because somehow I've gone crazy? Keke just kidding! Just feeling bored while bf is doing his project. Wearing my new blue lens! The colour is damn bright and I love it! So how's your weekends? Mine was rather okay since I am doing something I like but definitely not my hobby which is Mahjong. I really can name myself Mahjong Queen while bf is Mahjong King cause every weekends we will be playing mahjong!? Won money $$$_$$$$ means MORE SHOPPING AHAHHAA. And yes! My hobby is shopping if you still don't know, I can spend my entire day shopping online. This is how crazy and devoted I am to shopping! But no matter how much shopping I did, I seems to have nothing to wear... True or not girls?

Mahjong till the morning and sleep till the noon. Headed out for dinner with my bf's family... Somehow I don't have the mood to go since I had conflict with one of his siblings if you'all still don't know. I really don't know if is my fault? So ya, quite mood-less that so I didn't talk much and showed attitude to my bf then become arguments. Actually we didn't argue la, just talked until very "xialan" LOL But then, in the end still okay already la. Almost wanna run out of his house cause I feel that everyone is against me la then very sad lor....... 

Sunday which is today, again we played mahjong and had steamboat at my ahma house ^^ Win money again $$$$___$$$$ Happy la?! Who win money not happy one! Cab home with bf and chill at a park near his house then we headed home. Which marks the end of my weekends for this week. And I have exam tomorrow and I totally did not study a single word. Still thinking if I should study now a not cause it's already very late and study also confirm fail.... Ya maybe I should just go get my beauty sleep hehe....

Please support my instashop: @Shoptrixiepixie 

I am customizing floral headband, must support okay :) 
And I am currently waiting for mega collection which is at the last week of may! Saving money for it. :)

I just jailbreak my phone and I don't know if is a right choice but my phone are really cute now. For pictures please go to my instagram :) It was my Sissy which helped, I don't know why is she so pro in such things la, then I'm like so dumb LOL Okie shall end here and stay tune for my next post, might be doing a baking "tutorial" cause I need to practice my baking for my o level fnn practical *_*

Bye ^_^

Signing off,

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Thursday, 16 May 2013


HI I AM SO GONNA RANT! Ok so, lately I have been very into Online Shopping cause I am also selling stuffs but ended up spending all the money I earned. I am currently having my dinner now while writing this post, nomnom. Boyfriend's mom cooking is always yummy!!! Love her green curry especially, ahhh craving for it now! Ok back to the point. So recently I passby an instashop and saw a pants that I really like and it's like from Editors Market and it's brand new for only $22.

(Picture credit to owner)

Here's the pretty high waist shorts that I initially thought it was the one I bought... 

The high waist shorts that I got it today... If you're not blind, you can obviously see that it's a different colours. And the tag wasn't even editors market and it's like some china brand. I am so pissed because it wasn't even exact to the picture and $22 for a china shorts? *Roll eye The shorts I received are nice but then   don't you think that the seller is very irresponsible for giving me a different pair of shorts? YES IT IS VERY IRRESPONSIBLE LA!? 

Ok next another unpleasant online shopping that happens months ago, just that I don't bother to talk about it cause it's only for $12.

As you can see from the picture ah, when you zip up, it can't even be zip. Wts

Yes, I got this tribal high waist shorts for $12 and the seller claim that it's BRAND NEW. When I got it, the zip is already at faulty. The zip already had difficulties zipping up and down. I wanted a refund but one of my friend told me about her family background and I'm like some sort of pity her la, so I just keep the shorts lor. What I regret about is that, she actually bad-mouthed me la, should have just ask for a refund and not even pity her at all. Nevermind, I too kind already. I'll just take it as donating the money to her lor. 

One more things I am gonna talked about. 
If you don't like me, THEN DON'T SELL TO ME LA, give me spoil item and that just makes you look like a fucking beggar. I also heard something about me which is really funny ^_^ Read on to find out more!!

"Rachel only find boyfriend for protection"

Ok ah, don't you find it damn ridiculous?! Who doesn't want a guy who could love you, care for you and PROTECTS you. WTS, you are talking without using your brain dumb fuck bitch. I really can't stand it when people talk rubbish? Would anybody want a guy who run away when you have trouble or a guy who can protect you when you need him? Oh, I bet shes's so pathetic that she can't find a boyfriend like mine? 

I'm not saying my boyfriend is the BEST GUY ever, but since people say I find boyfriend for protection means my boyfriend can protect me la, make sense? Yes no?  At least my boyfriend is perfect to me. She's just jealous of US or she can't find a boyfriend like mine? Perhaps :) What do you think? 

Gotta go eat my dinner now, totally forgotten about my dinner hehe. Rant on twitter and instagram and I feel rly good now :) Stay tune for my next post darlings :) Bye xx

Signing off,

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My first DIY floral halo

Hi guys! I did a DIY FLORAL HALO and I'm so proud of myself! I never knew I could DIY stuffs by myself hehehe! So one day, an idea pop out that was to make a floral halo! I was so so excited to make it, I watched many youtube videos and here are some that I did! 

All you need is some fake flowers, floral wire and floral tape. Of course a pair of scissor and those basic stuff. You can find all these everywhere just that which is cheaper ^^ Of course being a super "budget barbie" with my friend, we walked around and found cheap wire, tape and flowers ^^ 

While walking around a flower shop, there's this super uncle which I rly dislike. I told him that I'm looking for floral wire, then hes like ordering me to buy the thinner ones when I want the thicker one. Being frustrated, I walked away. I don't believe I cannot find elsewhere that sell that wire, and tada, bought a cheaper one.

First I separate the flowers and leaves which I took a pretty long time as I could not find the wire plier so I used a scissor instead and got my hand hurt :( The pink roses are so beautiful

Combining the floral wire together and tape it with the floral top so that when you wear it, the wire wont prick you.

Join the flowers and TADA, my first DIY FLORAL HALO!

Took photo with bf's head cause his hair is so nice lor LOL look like girl

To be honest, it's super big for my head though LOL but I rly like it. I can like put for for decoration if no one is buying it ^^

Had an order from one customer and customize this for her. Pastel pink and pastel yellow, they matches so well!!! Pretty colours!!

The end result *almost done* CHIO ANOT???? 

I also did this lilac rose headband for one of my good friend. Hope she likes it :-)

2 more papers and I'm sooooooo done with my mid year examination but O level fnn coursework is like end of may, and I can't even bake a single shit..... Tsk

(Wtf is wrong with my hair T_T)

Anyway 16th may is my Daddy's birthday!!!! Happy birthday Dad, although you are always not in Singapore :( But don't worry I'm missing you... Thank you for always pampering me, shower me with gifts and love. You are the best Dad in the whole world I swear :') The cammy you bought for me, let's take lots of photos together. I love you!!! Hope to see you soon!

Saturday, 11 May 2013


Hi all! Yes, I am doing the #whatpubertydidtome where everyone is doing :D 


Secondary 1? 2? 

The times when using yr hair to cover yr one eye is the trend LOL WTF I CAN'T EVEN BREATHE WHILE LOOKING AT THIS PICTURE........ LOLOLOL

Secondary 3

Where everyone is pouting their lips HAHAHAHAH LOL I'm sure many of you got this kind of "pout lips" photos hahahha don't lie!

Secondary 4

Secondary 5 "NOW" 

I can't even leave my fringe down for like seconds cause it's so irritating. I wonder how I managed being a one eye monster lol....... Anyway didn't post all the photos cause rly...... I can't handle it LOL 

So ya, I started to make up when I was like Sec 2/3? I totally regretted cause all these leads to pimples haiz but without make up i'm like 0% confidence, I can't even walk with my heads up outside. *Anyway i am currently shopping online for shoes and I don't know if I should buy it, STRESS* Oh and one thing that have never change is my HEIGHT, WTS I AM LIKE STILL 151CM which sucks big time.... :( 
#whatpurbertydidtome - It's when make up became essential

So how's my exam? Yeah I screwed my papers so badly... Don't even think of getting a pass. Life is so stressful. Sometimes I rly regret going to Sec 5, I should have went to ITE! I want to take up a design course and open a online shop and manufacture my own clothes. That's what I want, doing something I like not STUDY AND STUDY AND BECOME CRAZY :( 

Ok i shall end here byebye, hope you enjoy this post where you can see ugly photos T_T 

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Friday, 10 May 2013


Hi all! TGIF! Actually I am supposed to go and take a super long nap cause I rly need one as I have been sleeping for 3 hours only everyday because of my last minute revision but here I am, sacrificing my sleeps for my sick bb :') 
Awww, he look so cute even when hes sick 

Anyway, he is down with fever, sore throat and flu... Having 1 of the it is the worst thing ever already, yet he is having the triple combo. He must be suffering a lot. I kind of miss him being active, crazy, talkative, annoying. Maybe part of it is because I've been studying from evening till night which is the only time we are free that's why I miss him... even though we are like staying together? Haha the power of love. 

Anyway I want to dedicate this post to my boyfriend :( Ever since he have fever like 2 days ago, we didn't talk a lot, is like whenever I ask him a question, he will just stare at me and I'm like O_O TALK TO ME DON'T KEEP STARING AT ME! And I got a little frustrated but ofc I am not that unreasonable, he is sick what! So i tried to show him my love and concern haha but seems like neither of it works :( He had been sleeping for like 1-2 days already as in he wake up just to eat dinner, eat medicine and shower then go back to sleep already :( 

Bb! Hope you get well soon and talk to me again. You are a "fighter"(in games LOL) and a fever won't knock you down so easily okie ^^ It's weekend, time for us to enjoy! Get well soon and we shall go for our adventure! I love you and I miss you being bubbly and crazy like those pictures above *camwhoring with my cammy hehehe! 

Here are some questions you guys must be curious about:

Am I staying together with my bf? Did I go home?
Yes, I am staying with my boyfriend and I did go home some times. Maybe you would ask me if I am happy staying with his family and him, yes I am and I get along with most of his family but I am super afraid of his Dad..... and his Mommy has been rly good to me hehe. I do miss home too! But actually it doesn't makes a difference cause I don't rly talked to my family and I feel that they look down on me :( The only person I talked to most is my sister and my maid!  

How do I go to school?
Fly aeroplane! Hah kidding. I took MRT everyday to school and it is kind of "expensive" cause 1-2s week I would have to top up my ez-link again as I took 4 bus-rides and 2 mrt-rides everyday. That's why I've been selling stuffs online to earn some extra pocket money so do support @Shoptrixiepixie on instagram ok ^^

How long have we been together? 
We have been together since 6 JULY 2012 and been together for 10 months 4 days. Time fly really fast and it's like gonna be our 1 year anniversary soon. We don't break/patch/patch but of course, in a relationship there's ups and downs but this doesn't break us apart and I'm so so glad :) 

Where do we go for our "monthsary"?
We do not celebrate monthsary because I don't want my bf to like spend so much money every months lor. Don't you think that it is very tiring to think of what to get every month for your partner? And also, since we are still students, we have not even start earning money. I feel that celebrating monthsary is not necessary. Maybe sometimes go eat something good! Hehe

So ya, I hope bf will recover real soon ^_^

Yay! My fish eye lens have arrived and I opened a preorder for it so if you are interested, contact me now on Instashop: @Shoptrixiepixie / Twitter: @Rachelim_ /  Instagram: @Rachellim_ / Email: 

It is only at $16 and will send in order once i reached 10 caps ^^

Effects of fish eye lens

Bye, do stay tune for my next post!

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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Disappointment, anger, fear

Hi all! Well.... Guess what I spent during my weekends when there's exams next week? I basically did NO REVISION at all... I am so disappointed in myself for being so lazy when I really want to do well for my exam. Omg! My bf is sleeping soundly beside me and his eyebrow just jumped continuously???? Is that even possible when you are like SLEEPING......? You will know in a minute why am I so paranoid since yesterday..


Of course not so exaggerating like this la siao... hahaha! While searching for this video, came across lots of funny video of eyebrow dance, isn't it suppose to be EYEBROW dance but this person can't stop using her mouth ahahahahaha! Can you imagine? Cause I can ha ha!

I know I know, My videos are like HI AND BYE only but i really cannot take video of myself talking for so long, it just feels kinda weird, like REALLY WEIRD...So let me practice first okay? HA HA

Yesterday, which is a Saturday supposed to be heading IKEA but I've no idea why we didn't go cause is bf plan one... *Tempting to eat the chocolate beside me but I've yet to brush my teeth LOL* It's like 11.30am Sunday morning now :D  Ok back to Saturday first! So.... I woke up rather early and I head to prepare.... which means I have more time to camwhore and of course a short video of me above. HEHE 

Credit to Bf whom is a lousy photographer haha
Headed out and the sun was soooooooooooooooooooooo hot that within 5 minutes I stepped out of the house, I SWEAT LIKE CRAZY.... Don't you hate that..... Showered and putting on make up, wanting to smell nice and look pretty but the moment you went out, every effort gone. But it's alright la, look pretty in photo I also happy ^^ cause bf still loves me haha! 

Met up with bf's friends and head to woodlands for his friend's birthday celebration. Well...... actually I can't click/clique well with his group of friends(SOME) one so it became kind of awkward cause I don't know(I KNOW SOME) who are the one who talk behind my back and who are the good ones so I usually just keep quiet and in my mind, I'm just thinking "Wa why he like so good ah ask me want sweet a not, I thought he don't like me......?" You know this feeling? Where you just want to stay away from making "fake" friends, so I ended up avoiding lots of people except my boyfriend... 

Also there's other reasons but maybe I shall not write it here... A clue "Being accused". WHO LOVES TO GET ACCUSE? :( I'm pretty sad and ANGRY about that incident cause I realised most of his friends hates me(i think) so I just stay away from them lor.... :)

So ya, I just sat down and watch tv, ate buffet, charge my phone and stuffs. Didn't talked much to anybody. It's not that I'm anti-social lor, just that sometimes I'm afraid that after I talked with them then I found out they "bad-mouthed" me, end up I will regret and say what "WA EARLY DON'T TALK TO THEM LOR, DON'T LIKE ME STILL TALK TO ME, SO FAKE" LOL then I will be like quite sad FOR AWHILE like 1 second :) So in conclusion, I don't give a damn to fake people ^_^ 

Head home with bf and luckily we decided to stay home instead of going to the party cause I know I would be damn bored but I mean if he wanna go I will let him go la! And also, no midnight mahjong kaki so that marks the end of our Saturday! Not really enjoyable but as long as it's with my bf I'm fine with anything :)

Now you will know why am I so paranoid............ because BF accidentally kick those oranges that people place under the blk to pray and I don't know why I so paranoid la also not I kick one but I was thinking that if the "thing" follow bf's home means the "thing" will be sleeping beside me la!!! SO I'M DAMN FREAKED OUT!!! And then just now I was in the toilet, and it started raining... Heard a voice: "Rachel, raining go close the door..." I stunned for awhile cause I know bf's family should be at the church at this timing.... Feeling a bit scared already but then I quickly went to close everything and keep the clothes... There's really no one at home and bf still sleeping... AND THE VOICE IS A GIRL'S VOICE so obviously it can't be bf la.... It sounds like bf's mom but not exactly like hers. Wa... I so scared now T_T

But actually blogging also somehow makes me forget the incident but when I blogged about, I remembered :(

Anyway people! I am gonna open a preorder on FISH EYE LENS, so do support me! 
I am selling at $16 mailed! Only magnetic one available! It is imported from USA. Quality assured! 
Capping at 10 caps and will arrived within a week or 2!

Do contact me on twitter or instagram oki!
 INSTASTOP: @Shoptrixiepixie

Signing off, 

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