Monday, 24 June 2013


Hey! Time check, 1.43AM right now. As we all know, Indonesia is burning again(last week) and the haze is really really bad. I did not step out of the house during the "haze period", I suppose the haze has already gone down now?

File:Now You See Me Poster.jpg

Yeap, so I went to catch "NOW YOU SEE ME" with bf and co. Rating: 4.5/5 
It was awesome, maybe not! Because some part I don't really understand x.x 

Okay, approximately 11 more days is boyfriend and I being together for a year, whoop whoop! I'm quite eggcited because we don't celebrate our so called "monthsary" so I really want to celebrate our 1 yr anni yay ! 

Okay, let me talk more about myself! 

I am 17 and I'm in Secondary 5. Let me tell you guys some foolish things I did! I'm the kind of NERD in Secondary 1 and my studies is average but still I manage to get into the express stream. I started to be "rebellious" in Secondary 3 and my studies *DOOOP* dropped tremendously. Failed all my exams, literally all F9 *cries* and I'm even the last in class, so embarrassed. SO, I've been transferred to the Acad stream during Secondary 4. I do not have any friends there at first, but still I met a few good friends hehe. 

When I'm promoted to Secondary 5, MOST of my friends left the school already so I'm a loner in school!!!! But somehow, I got used to being alone everyday already so I'm okay. :-)

NOW, I don't even have any motivation to study for my O's and I'm bound to fail. Sighpie... 

Aiya, actually this post is so boring and I don't have the feel to continue anymore because my life just sucks lololol but I'm lucky to have my family, my boyfriend and a few friends like 1 or 2. 

My boyfriend and I are like super glue, we stick to each other and we go wherever together. I might put my boyfriend as my priority but I still put my family and friends in my heart but somehow I've loses faith in friendship? Will it really last? Are they true? But it doesn't matter anymore to me because I'm used to keeping things within myself. Hehe sounds very emo hor but no la, I'm actually those kind of "Kai xin guo" (Cheerful apple?) LOL 

I don't really have a bad temper, but still I do flare up at times when people whom I don't know(or someone I hates) trigger me. I will remember clearly what that person do, say about me and I will hate on them LOL like really see them everywhere also bu shuang :D But of course I am not like those "ah mao ah gou", see people bu shuang then at there "SEE WHAT SEE" LOL LAME SHIT. I will just kept ranting to my boyfriend and friends :-) Best way to cool myself down. TRY IT! Create a whatsapp group with your friends and start ranting haha

What have I been doing during the precious June holiday leh? I'm wasting it :-( Did not do a single revision, all I did was ONLINE SHOPPING, SLEEP, MAHJONG. Hai! Oki, I'm gonna end this post abruptly with no picture because I want to go down and eat my supper ^_^ 

Goodnai darlings 

Do support my instashop @Shoptrixiepixie, having $5 sales and fish eye lens preorder that is closing on Wednesday :D Buibui!

Signing off,

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Friday, 14 June 2013

Movie date

HALO GUYS :D I'm back! T.G.I.F HAHA Actually it's holiday now la so friday doesn't mean anything much for now, maybe I should say T.G.I.H HAHA THANK GOD IT'S HOLIDAY! So ya, movie with Family today. Before we head to Vivo, I had to head to the police station and thank god I don't have to wait  and I stayed there for only less than 5 minutes, phew. 

Ok before I head to the police station, took a cab from Joo Koon to fetch my mom from her office and I forgotten to tell the Uncle driver that we are going to 2 places. So... when I reached mom's office, I told him to go to another location then he's like !@#$%^&*() Keep kpkb la?! Then of course I cannot just leave the cab cause my mom's office here very ulu, very difficult to hail a cab so that's the purpose of me taking a cab  to fetch her ma, so I'm like please la please la to the uncle LOL -__-'' He agreed and then keep rushing my mom and even want to take my phone and talk to my mom to ask her hurry up!!?!! SO RUDE LOR Argh. 

I also extremely hate weird cab driver la, those cab driver that totally is mute one. Can't they at least say an okay or thank you -.- Also met friendly cab driver that jokes a lot hahaha

Carrot juice LOL

With my lil cuzzie Janelle. 

On our way to Vivo :D

Put on my sister's lipstick which turns out damn red LOL

Small little cute tic tac keke

Enjoy funny pictures of us okay haha, just being bored before the movie start!! Oh ya, we caught Man of steel. Rating: 2.5/5 ? A bit lame but 2.5 for the handsome guy which is the superman lololol

This photo is rly candid!!!! While taking this photo, my bf just suddenly lift his leg up like this, LOL so I laugh HAHAHA

My #OOTD today, cat maxi dress from bugis hehe which many people says that it looks like pajamas. By the way, it's the first time I'm wearing maxi dress because you know..... I'm short hahahaha but surprisingly it fits me yay :D 

Free food :D

FREE POPCORN :D Anyway, thats my cute lil sissy hehe

YAY! Aren't we cute? Ok la, after movie mommy send us homey ^^

A very happy day because I know my mommy lil secret :-) Okie shall end my post here cause I shall go to bed soon. Hope you guys enjoy your Friday as much as I do. Baibai!

Signing off,

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Miyoc clothes buffet + Steamboat

P.S Many selfies in this post, if you don't like my face then don't bother reading okay!!! :D 

Hello people :D Finally, the long awaiting(actually not realy long) event arrive. Miyoc clothes buffet organised by The Scarlet Room. I was excited, not! Because I was being lazy on that day and super tired. But of course, I'm not going to waste my $30 la, cause I already bought the tix :( Woke up and prepare for the day!!! So ya, while waiting for everybody to be ready, TIME TO TAKE SOME PHOTOS KEKE. 

Oh ya, I also decided to bring my cammy out on that day because I think my cammy has rot enough already hehe and I lent my cam to my friend a few days ago so since it's like already taken out then sun bian bring out lor. Only have to hang around me ma haha but Gen say I look like I'm going to the Zoo LOL 
Many many pictures of me below LOL

Told bf I want to change profile picture but he so uncooperative!!! Look at this "kena force to take picture" face LOL 

This will be my new facebook profile picture  hehe

Tried my new lipstick and it turns out....... WHY I LOOK SO TAN? AM I RLY THAT TAN? :(

Justin and Genevieve 
Out we go with this couple. It's like a "couple date"? HAHA Happy shot of them. 

Our Miyoc clothes buffet tickets!!! It's like damn cool, like movie ticket!

Queuing up, the event starts at 2pm and we started queuing at like 1.15pm! But there were already quite a lot of people queuing so actually I am not the most kia su one hehe Saw one of my friend and she said that people already started queuing from 12pm LOL 

The clothes buffet was a disappointment............... The clothes has no variety, no quality.... Wasted my $30 lor... But I got like 8 pieces of clothes in 2 minutes hehe But all not nice one la :(

Last minute decided to head to bugis for STEAMBOAT, yipeeeee :D Before that we went for some shopping. 


Didn't eat much cause I'm so lazy to cook and I don't dare to look at the pot cause I scared my contact lens burn or something LOL PARANOID :( But I love the bacon with mushroom so overall i only ate that and sausage which cost me like $20 haha ok la quite worth it though(but not for me la haha). GOT FREE ICE CREAM YUMZ :D I think the store name is "TIAN TIAN HUO GUO" Quite good, athough no aircon but many kind of variety of food!! 

My #ootd Hello kitty dress ^_^ but of course without the headband. Only for "Bai mei" nia! Haha btw I made that myself hehe, nice or not? But I made one for my friend and hers is in Lilac colour which is super pretty!!!! So obsessed with lilac colour lor! So pretty :D

Okie I shall end my post here baibai :)

Signing off,

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Saturday, 8 June 2013

It's just a bad day, not a bad life

Hello! It has been so long since I blogged with my pictures!!! Even my instagram were filled with food and Food and FOOD! Holiday started, bf and I are like playing mahjong everyday except today is our "OFF DAY" Actually I quite bored of playing mahjong already... Played almost 3 pot yesterday which almost killed me la, played till like 5am. TIRED MAX! :( 

OKAY NEXT, I don't want to blog about it actually but that "BEAUTY CONTEST WINNER" kept going on saying that those anon on her were me or my friends trying to defend myself or like "screw Rachel man" LOL WTF WHAT A JOKE. I don't even visit HER until someone told me about it and I have not even ask a single question on anybody's except for HANNAH AND MY BFF when I first started using lor. So who's trying to climb onto whose head? THINK ABOUT IT

 If you all have not known, SOMEONE insulted me on her blog last week ago and even posted my photos. You know why? My friend showed me a photo and I said:

Actually it wasn't even a freaking comment? I WAS JUST ASKING WHY AND IS IT MAKE HER FACE SKINNIER AND BREAST BIGGER LOR? By ASKING that question, does that even mean I am even jealous of her boobies or whatever? Hell no please. Some PEOPLE just don't have the brain.  

The main point is, this conversation is said to one of my friend NOT TO THE WHOLE WORLD. But the CHIOBU insist that I want her attention. Look who wants whose attention by blogging about it and want to TELL THE WHOLE WORLD. *Actually not the whole world la, not as if she's xiaxue or somebody famous* (LOL) 

Ok, the reason why I am blogging about it is because I feel that she's trying to act like an angel but SHE'S NOT and trying to make me look like a baddie?! You will get this later on. 

SO, her blog was like saying:

Is it necessary?

Look at the image below. This was HER judging somebody. 

Ok so she's like saying that "she thought she's like sunshine girl but in person like different. Impatient."
Is this judging?! YES LA OF COURSE! So why is she whining on her blog saying "why the fuck can't girl stop hating/judging?" LOL Contradicting hor?
*I have another conversation but it is not convenient to post it here.*

Ok next, below the conversation were me talking about that "CHIOBU"

I said that she's skinny, tall, MORE PRETTY and SEXY, long legs BUT make up like opera shows. 
She only posted half of the story on her blog and makes me look like a baddie. Ridiculous shit. Everyone have flaws, you can't expect people to compliment you in everything, FACE IT. 

If you realized, the 1st conversation of HER talking about somebody and the 2nd conversation of me talking about HER is the same. Compliment + flaws. DO YOU GET WHAT I MEAN?
SO why complain when SHE HERSELF JUDGE ALSO. LOL

So I was discussing with my friend, "Why she so over reacting and stuff like this" and my friend told me SHE WANTED FAME. So I'm like.................................... Gain fame by defaming people? Cool shit Hahahahahahaha! Don't have to know who my friend is :) but whatever she said is TRUE. 
 Like that the girl she judge should make a blog post about her and post her photo la? NO RIGHT? LOL LAME SHIT 

I shall not explain anymore further neither am I going to post her photos because that is PLAIN CHILDISH :) If posting my un-glamorous photos MAKES HER feel better about herself, then so be it cause I'm not going to stoop to her level. I don't need fame unlike her trying so hard for fame.

And about the beauty contest she's talking about in her blog, she can't even win a fashion show........ BEAUTY CONTEST? Meh. And yes, I don't have big boobies, but at least I dont need to have big boobs to attract people's attention :D 


Might be playing mahjong on Sunday again, and I don't know if I am looking forward to it....... maybe yes if I win some money haha! Anyway, I will be going to the Miyoc clothes buffet, yay I'm so excited!!!! 

Baibai ^^

Signing off,

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