Monday, 25 March 2013

Family outings

Hi guys! This weekends, I had family outing :-) On Saturday, met Mommy and Dad up at Orchard central for lunch, before that, boyfriend and I walked around Ion because we reached there early! Boyfriend bought this cute mini donuts!!! This is the first time I'm bring my boyfriend outing with my Dad and I am so scared but everything went well.... Phew.. HAHA ^_^

Walked to Orchard central and dine at Chatterbox. 

I had this Alfredo sauce spaghetti with salmon, yummy ^_^ but didn't have much appetite that's why I didn't managed to finished it, if not I sure finish all one, even my sis love it and keep stealing my salmon LOL! WE ARE SALMON LOVER but I hate raw ones, is like EW? 

Chatterbox's signature dish, Chicken Rice. Can you like believe it, a plate of chicken rice for $20+ Looks normal to me except that they have like a lot of sauces beside. This is Boyfriend's one, he said the chicken is fleshy and the rice taste normal. 

After lunch, we headed to shop and these is all i bought. Didn't bother to measure or what because it's so pretty and I'm afraid that I can't wear..... But then let's face the reality, went home to try and I couldn't wear. So... I'm selling off the 2 denim bottoms :-) If anybody is interested, you guys at tweet me. I'm selling at $10 each, size S for both. 

If you guys read up my twitter, I've got a new camera ^^ Dad got it for my birthday prezzie. I like it because it's pink and able to flip to front cam... Whooo chio-ness!!! 

Had dinner with family @ Jurong East but Boyfriend only joined us awhile and left :-(


Dad wanted an outdoor outing so..... Boyfriend suggested Harppa Villa!

Using my new cam hehe

Looking like a haunted house...

Didn't managed to snap everything because I'm lazy

Looking funny LOL

Don't know y my brother keep want take picture with dustbin?? LOL


Heart shape leaf

In English, it means "Tolerate" 

*Reading seriously* 

Fat sumo VS Skinny sumo

Headed to snow city afterwards because little bro kept pestering us to go, it was so fun because we make a huge "snow" and throw at random people behind their back n ran away LOL I WILL GO THERE AGAIN. HAHAHA ^_^ Regretted not buying the photos :(

Favourite bak kut teh since child ^^ Finally, after don't know how many years...

After dinner, Dad dropped bby and I at Jurong East then we head to buy KOI ^.^ All time favourite Ice cream milk tea! 

Overall it's a good weekend! 

Boyfriend and I had done the boyfriend/girlfriend tag and I will upload it after i edit the video, stay tune :-)

 Bye bye! :-)

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