Thursday, 21 March 2013

Relationship or relationshit?

Who doesn't want that? 

Most teenagers like me gone through all sorts of relationships/shits or like many people say, puppy love. 
"The love between a young couple within a few weeks of getting together. Not really true love, immature, young love." 

We get upset, heartbreaks and then regretted later, saying "WHY AM I SO STUPID AND GET SO UPSET OVER THIS STUPID IDIOT?" 
I just want to tell you all that all these will be over soon, it's just a matter of time :-) After that, you will find it pointless n stupid. Why not spend yr day being happy instead of being sad, crying almost every hr, sending stupid text n not getting any replies? Really, don't be stupid. If someone rly love you, they won't even hurt you. 

It's rly easy to make a girl happy like sending a morning text with a *kiss emotion*, a sweet goodnight text, a hug. I mean like it's rly easy what! No meh? Trust is the most important of all I can say.

I came across reading about something. That girl was pregnant, about 7 months and not married with her boyfriend. I read about her and found out that her life was a mess. Actually, in my opinion, I find that it is okay to be a teenage mom but not when yr guy is a total fucked up ass. I will never tolerate a guy who cheats, who comes home late night, who don't even bother answer calls and reply messages. I mean like seriously? Your girlfriend who is having yr child in her womb and yet you're outside fooling around and not taking responsibilities like taking care of yr girlfriend. Please lor pregnant leh, not play barbie doll lor. 
I would probably just die if I am her........... Detest HUAI NAN REN! Ok la but it's other people affair la, not in any position to care but then I'm so fucked up even though I am not related to that girl. Feel very sad for her T_T It's not easy for her... Someone rly need to invent a time machine.

This is what most of us will experience from every failure relationship and I'm always hoping my relationship won't end up like that..

This is what we all want and wish for... Being together with someone you love forever ^_^ I hope that girl doesn't make the wrong decision.. It's not easy to stay with someone who aren't faithful and truthful. 


Although we might have some stupid conflicts, we might scold one another, hit one another until each other injured then happy(LOL) but still love one another ^_^ OK LA FOR ME LA, I still love him even though I am the one always ended up crying one. We are not the sweetest couple, we don't usually sweet talk, we always insult one another but the best thing is we share secrets, we talk about anything n everything. We are best friend :-) Sometimes like enemies also la hehe. See i told you all we not sweet one haha! Aiya but then still love him lots.

I don't have many friends and I'm almost "friend-less" now in school but aiya who cares? Better than having fake friends in yr life. As long as I've a few true friends which includes my BFF i'm satisfied n happy enough! Wo ai ni men ^^ LOL

Bye bye!

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