Saturday, 27 April 2013

Saturday with my boyfriend

Hellooooooo! It's finally weekends!!! Ok, let's talk about my friday.

T.G.I.F ^_^

After school I headed home to wait for my boyfriend so that he could accompany to meet my buyers. You can shop at my instastop @shoptrixiepixie :) Everyone was nice and friendly except for one stupid idiot who stop replying my text and even refuse to answer my call. She only return my text ard 12am+ and claim that her prepaid low. IF PREPAID LOW CAN CALL THROUGH ONE MEH -.- Lie without using brain. But forget it. So, bf and I headed bukit batok to have dinner there cause I'm meeting the rest of my buyers there. Had Subway ^^ their soup are delicious and i love their cheddar cheese :D 

This week loots:
Heart sling bag 

Geek crop top
I wore it today, from a instashop

Wine red maxi dress 

Maybelline bb cream 
From fairprice. Fairprice having promotion now!!!!! Even cheaper than sasa, watson!! Yay it's a steal!!!

Bf got me this

Maybelline pore eraser at watson $27.90
Maybelline pressed power $11.90 

Fyi I'm not a fan of maybelline products but they seems good. Ahaha :)

#ootd today. Pardon me for taking pictures in the toilet but because my bf is using the mirror haha

Bf and I had planned to go IKEA today a few days ago to eat and walk around, but while in the bus we talk and talk and talk and suddenly he ask me if I wanna watch Ironman 3 so I'm like Okay let's go! Cause we are super lazy to travel all the way to Queensway :( But I rly wanna go eat there cause it has been so long since I've been there and the time I remember I went was when I'm still a little kid LOL. 

Lunched at Macdonald, ate a little cause I wanna give my stomach some space for my favourite nachos!!!!! (Although lot-1 nachos sucks) Wanted to buy nachos before we go in but the queue is so ridiculously long ARGHHH!!!! T_T So went in the cinema without my nachos. IRONMAN 3 WAS AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Rating 5/5 must watch!!

After the movie, we walked around sat down and have desert. Bought some treats for Phoebe and takoballs for myself hehe. Phoebe is my bf's doggy, it's a chiwawa and she only know how to sit hahaha. She is super small size and have very little fur. Shall show you guys one day, maybe in a video or pictures. 

So ya, that marks the end of our day! 

 Bye bye! :-)

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