Saturday, 20 April 2013

"Couple date"

Hey guys :-) I am currently uploading my videos on youtube which is already taking me 2 hours and now it just stop loading wtf and it's like 4.28am :( So I might have to delay this post and save it as draft! Never mind about that. Bf and I decided to head to town with Hannah and Weibin. While waiting for bf to prepare..... camwhore time :D

Went out and the weather is a killer.............. SWEATING LIKE A MAD PIG I SWEAR :(

I ended up taking off my heels and changed to slipper because I rly can't stand the pain. Super lucky that I brought slippers along. Slippers to town? *gosh* Anyway, my legs look so loooooooong and I LOVE IT. But still..... in reality, it's like a short banana lol!


Bf's fish and chip

Actually nothing much lor, just walked around and shop. Let the pictures do the talking okay! Let's go!

What cha looking at bby? *tiko alert

Coincidentally met my sissy at scape, woohoooo AND I SAW KIMBERLY CHIA!!! Super pretty!

Loots today! ^_^ Got the dream catcher for bf cause he always complain he is always having bad dreams. A black heart pouch, they have in red, black, blue, pink and creme. I RLY WANTED TO BUY ALL OF THEM T_T IT'S SO PRETTY..... Anyway, I also bought a red heart sling bag on the internet, and it can totally go with the black heart pouch hehe. If you all are interested in any of the items, you guys can go and ask me where I got it okay :-)

They all came over to Bf's house to chill, play around LOL playing mini mahjong but Han don't know how to play, so when I'm teaching her while those two fellas are cheating -__-" 

Pizaa hut delivery for dinner and off they go and marks the end of our "couple date day" hoho. Really enjoyed my day today and I saw like 3 actresses and actor!!! Actually I not those crazy fans of  anybody or what, I just feel very amaze lor cause I first time see AHAHAHA 

Vlog #1. I don't know if this counted as a vlog a not but whatever :D 

 Bye bye! :-)

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