Sunday, 14 April 2013

10 facts about me

1) I have a super bad habit which is shaking my legs. I don't know why but bf, my teacher and even bf's dad kept asking me to stop shaking my leg and I didn't even realised that I am shaking my leg... Must change this bad habit because it's rly super ugly for a girl to shake leg lor :( Why must I have this kind of habit tsk

2) I am super scared of darkness especially when I'm alone which means I don't sleep alone everyday ahaha *shit my lappy just shut down on it's own and I have to rewrite everything again T_T* But if I rly have to sleep alone, I would on the lights to sleep :D I'm so glad that light were invented, thank you to whoever who invented light haha

3) I am literally blind without my spectacle or contact lens. My eye sight is soooooo bad that I can't see things clearly :( This problems some times make me board the wrong train or bus and I will be like FUCKKK WHERE AM I? I can't see a single shit... And even when I sweep the floor I can't even see the dirt lol!!! So i prefer to use vacuum cleaner :)  And if some one waves to me opposite the traffic light, I can't even see who is it lol! Even by sitting in front of the class, I can't even see what is the teacher writing :-(  

4) I AM SHORT. Guess what's my height? 150 - 152 cm :-( Since sec 1, I'm 150 cm and till sec 5 I am like only 152 cm? HOW CAN I ONLY GROW 2 freaking cm in like 5 years... Something wrong with me already :-( I don't fit well in maxi dress and I'm so jealous of people who has long legs.. It's just so sexy...... LOL and I hate wearing heels but I love to buy heels hehe NO PAIN NO GAIN RLY :(

5) I LOVE SHOPPING! This is my hobby and I can shop like almost everyday and everywhere ahaha I super love sales and actually I am quite cheapskate (that's what my bf say la) cause whenever there's sales or what I will be like LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOT SALES LEH!!!! Is like why spend the extra money to get the same things when we can get it for cheaper rate right?! This one is smart move! So, I am so gonna clear the SASA masks which is now having sales at $1 each, u.p $1.95 and they are super moisturizing and tightens yr face. I LOVE CHEAP N GOOD STUFFS :D

6) I SUPER SUPER LOVE CHEESE! I'm actually a crazy fan of cheese and I must eat everything with cheese, I love Nachos especially!!! I used to eat cheese balls everyday in school but now I don't because it's so fat hehe Chicken with cheese, pop corn with cheese, hot dog with cheese, nuggets with cheese burger with cheese, EVERYTHING WITH CHEESE! OMG IT'S SO DELICIOUS LOR?! How can anyone hate cheese man! I super love KFC CHEESE HEHE. 

7) I cannot live without make ups. As you can see, most of my photos are with make ups and I don't even dare to post my bare face because it's so horrible and ugly T_T But it's okay but I found someone who loves me even without make up hahaha so bliss right!!! The only place I go without make up is school!!!! Is double eyelid tape counted as make up? Cause i stick it everyday to school, to sleep, everywhere! I just simply can't live without it... Makes my eye feels bigger but then still small :( But it's okay because I feel good with it :D And yes, Im a single eyelid although I may look like I have double eyelids in my photo that is because I stick the tape ma :) I WANNA GO SURGERY FOR DOUBLE EYELIDS :( I love big eyes and I'm super jealous of my boyfriend eye because it's so damn huge man!

8) I'm a crybaby :(. I cry a lot and my boyfriend often gets irritated and annoyed by it because I cry over small little things but rly even small little things can hurt that much you know :( 

9) I love everything that is pink!!!! Super love pink stuffs but I don't rly fancy pink clothes haha. I prefer black, white, creme colour clothes? Simple and not too bright colours for clothes.

10) Deeply in love with my boyfriend! Although we fight a lot like rly FIGHT, but still after the fight he will come and hug me when I cry, apply ointment for me :-) I can't say he's perfect because everyone has flaws but he's perfect to me. He might not be the most caring bf, most sweet bf but still he would still try to make me happy, bring me out to eat my fav food, and buy me stuffs. Everyday after school he would rush home just because I'm waiting for him at home. How sweet :-) But some times, we might take one another for granted.. and then conflicts begin. But I hope all these little small or big quarrels won't break us apart :) I love you bby ^^ AREN'T WE CUTE? YES WE'ARE :)

That's all for this post, a total of 10 facts about me. Stay tune for the next post :)

 Bye bye! :-)

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