Thursday, 18 April 2013

Rude asses

Hi, didn't blogged for the past few days cause I was in school and there's nothing much to blog. Well, today I've nothing to blog too but lemme rant something okay! So.... I was waiting for my teacher to come in and one of my classmate came to me and say "Ytd i took yr textbook blablablabla" Then I kept quiet and just look away and take my textbook back. Is not that I'm selfish but that person didn't even ask for my fucking permission and he just took my textbook home just like this? FUCK YOU! I might have some misunderstanding with him cause I heard that he tried to steal one of my friend wallet last yr so of course I would mind if he take my textbook what! ARGH, seriously please ask before you touch my things. I hate people touching my stuffs without my permission, idiot. 

And some days back, I'm eating in the classroom and one of my classmate just put her hand in and take my chips?! Then she ask "I take ah?" FUCK YOU BITCH, you take before you ask ah so clever ah you. Argh, rly! Why are there so many rude people out there, can't stand rude bitches and assholes. Nothing much to rant already, some things just can't be written here :( So ya, treat people like how you want to be treated, if you are rude to me, then don't complain so much. 

Just some overdue photos ^^

 Bye bye! :-)

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