Monday, 1 April 2013

17th birthday


Hi guys!!! If you guys don't know or did not follow me on twitter/instagram, my birthday had just past a few days ago and I'm officially 17!!!! 

12 midnight stroke, boyfriend and friends wished me Happy Birthday. I had no thoughts that my friends will be celebrating with me, I thought it would be just a normal and simple celebration... But guess what? The picture above is my BEST FRIEND. She actually came up to Bf's house and surprise me??!?!?!?! Ok la, actually their plan not so successful cause I came down from the room and the moment I came down, I'm like OMG!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK! I'm so happy ^_^ because this is the first time BFF celebrated my birthday with me :-) 

Proceed with a small cake that Eunice bought!!! It's chocolate and I'm not rly a chocolate lover but still ate it all up. Appreciated!!!! But they never sing a birthday song for me, so is like only bf singing hahahaha! They left after awhile :-( 

Do bear with my ugly faces because I do not have any make up on and I do rly have super small eyes..... Judge me ba :( I RLY DIDN'T EXPECT BFF TO COME HAHAHAHA AND I AM SO HAPPY... Before my birthday, we had mahjong session and she told me that she forgotten about my birthday and she didn't bought me anything.... And during the night, she told me she's gonna sleep already because I asked her if she's gonna stay up late to wish me Happy birthday. I LOVE YOU BFF :')

And ofc, my boyfriend had a part for making their plan successful!!! He showered halfway to answer their calls and open the door for them HAHAHA WO AI NI ^_^

Gift to me from BFF ^_^

During the day, boyfriend brought me out to town :-)


Out on a hot hot day :-(

Dine at my favourite restaurant and I ever get bored of Chicken baked rice.. It's so yummy.!! *Drools

My boss's treat HAHAHA

Caught G.I. JOE Retaliation at Cine with boyfriend :-) 
Rating: 4/5
Very cool story line!!

As usual, had my favoutite NACHOS ^_^ 

Bf got me this, thank you dear ^^

And guess what? Headed home after the movie and thought that my birthday had already ended. Showered and wanted to head to bed already and Bf tricked me down to feed Phoebe( Bf's dog ) and I reluctantly went down... Bf's mommy told me not to go to the kitchen as she have got surprise for me... and I rly had no idea what surprise it is..
And the surprise is this 3 girls coming out from the kitchen AND I AM LIKE OMG AGAIN?????!!!!!

Bare faces again T_T

Cake from Swensen from Bf's mommy. Thank you Aunty although I know you won't be reading but still thank you for so taking care of me and I LOVE YOU!!!!!


As you can see from the photos above, they are playing with my new cammy!!! :-)

This is the best birthday celebration I had!!!!! I have such awesome boyfriend and friends :') I'm so contented already... 

Thank you dear for being such a nice and sweet boyfriend most of the time and making my birthday such a memorable one... Thank you for pampering me and showering me with yr love. I appreciate every single things you did during my birthday and tried to make me happy and felt like a princess. I love you, xoxo.

And to Lijun, Hannah, Dayna and Yanling, Thank you for being such an awesome friends and make me realize that having you guys are such a blessing... Trust-able and reliable friends... I can confide anythings to you guys and I always feel better after talking to you guys. Unfortunately, Yunhui aren't able to come :-( 

I feel so happy to have them in my life, I will cherish every single one of you, xoxo. HAHA SO MUSHY YOU MEI YOU, but nvm la ^_^ 

  Bye bye! :-)

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