Friday, 5 April 2013

Skin problems

Most teenagers like me are having problem such as PIMPLES! ( I don't want to show you guys my pimples because I don't wanna scare y'all :( ) Well, pimples are my biggest of the biggest problem now since the start of  puberty :( I have really big, small pimples like everywhere on my face and it's really disgusting and stress me a lot for years... Had been taking care of my face by washing my face regularly, toner, moisturizer, pimple cream, mask, whatever that can apply to my face. IT WORKS BUT..... every time when my menses is arriving, PIMPLES START TO ARRIVE TOO... Is like whenever my pimples is curing, then menses coming, then more pimples come again.... T_T So... It's like never ending lor.

But anyway, let me share some products okay because it is so cheap and useful!!! I cannot guarantee you guys that it works for you but definitely it works fine for me :-)  

 Bio-essence toner, it is super refreshing :D 

Bio-essence moisturizer, I did not use this but my bf uses this because his face is very dry and would start to  shed skin :O But when he apply this, it just magically stop sheddintg skin. So, I think it's quite useful lor haha. Anyway I don't know if i use the correct word shed skin anot because it was suppose to be a snake who shed skin LOL BUT WHATEVER, in chinese is PO PI :D

This pimple gel is definitely useful :D My pimples do decrease after using this :-) And every morning I wake up, my face isn't oily at all!!! ^_^ 

Usually, I will use Vaseline on my lips because my lips is super dry. I will always put vaseline first then apply lipstick :-)

Hand cream from SASA! It is having sales now at $2 per tube :D It has nice smell but I never use this one la cause I have this body lotion from SASA too!!! Having sales now a $2 per bottle too! Super nice smell and does not have the sticky sticky feeling after you apply. Omg I hate those sticky sticky feeling :-( 

Anyway, an advice
 Do not squeeze yr pimple as it might leave scars forever especially on yr cheek areas

Don't be upset when people call you pimple face cause they will get karma hahah many people also call me pimple girl, pimple face, road face(?) many many nasty names but hahahha look at their face now! Also full of pimples :D Don't worry cause all these pimple stages will go soon ^_^ HOPEFULLY PLEASE! 

Ok shall end here now haha hopefully these help you guys at least a little bit k! Maybe wait till I have the courage to take photo with my bare face then I show you all my pimple! LOL currently I don't have the courage to do so :(

   Bye bye! :-)

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