Thursday, 2 May 2013

East Coast Park

Hello hello! As you can see from the title, I went to ECP on labour day! A tiring yet fun day :) More photos instead of wordy post cause ah east coast park also got nothing to talk about one lor, either it's cycling or blading, chalet or bbq. 

Oh and I will not be blogging so often cause I am having my mid-year exam. I rly hope can like go DPA or something or get a award la, cause I have never ever gotten any award before lor, i'm such a loser i know -_-" My maths sucks, science sucks, everything suck man. SOOOO I'm trying rly hard..... but I doubt my teachers will give me any reward lor :( Reward as in bursary or what colour award i meant haha not sweet or chocolate!!

Wink wink ;)


*Feeling annoyed cause I kept taking photos of him LOL


We headed Golden Mile for lunch at this thai restaurant (Y)

Had my favourite drink!!!!! It's something like tea with lots of milk i guess?

Look at that sexy cap haha

We rode a double bic :-) Of course I sat at the back! 

Just something typical we do at the beach :D

A fail but happy jump shot of us. It was tiring cause we kept retaking ahahahaha, our face rly cannot maintain one :P

Everyone of us tried to walk on this before right? It's like everywhere, below yr house blala, it was said that if you walk on it and it FEELS pain means you're unhealthy. AND IT'S SO FUCKING PAIN TO ME LOL  so ya i am super unhealthy then. Go try it hahahaha

Signing off, 

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