Monday, 8 April 2013


Hihi! During the weekends, headed to USS with boyfriend and the girls :-) I was so so so excited that I woke up at 6am to prepare. It's the 4th times I went there! Bf and I do not have to take MRT there thanks  to his Mommy who brought us there and she even pay for my tickets... Thank you Aunty!!! Had breakfast at the food court with bf and his mommy cause we reached there at 9am and I'm meeting the girls at 10.15am. Guess what time the girls arrive? 

Hug me for candy :D 

After we ate, boyfriend and I went to walk around the shops. Of course, while waiting camwhore can't be left out :P

As time slowly goes by, we didn't realise that it's already 11am+ and I'm like WHERE ARE THEM??!!  

Finally they arrived and we all kept our bags inside the locker so I did not take photos of the inside of USS. 
Played rides like roller coasters, Mummy, Transformer and many more. Watched 4D shrek for the 2nd time since Bf wanted to watch it. Bought Dipping dots ice cream, (pictures at instagram), NACHOS!!!! 

Settled our dinner at Club July nearby Yew Tee with Bf, Bff and Eunice :-) We waited sooooo loooooooong for the food as usual :(

Overall it was a fun day!!!!!!!!!  And the best thing is that there wasn't much queue!!!!! ^^ Is like most of the rides is 5 minutes waiting time except for the transformer.

ENDING WITH A "BUEY SAI MAINTAIN FACE" of mine ahahahahaha! 

 Bye bye! :-)

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