Monday, 24 June 2013


Hey! Time check, 1.43AM right now. As we all know, Indonesia is burning again(last week) and the haze is really really bad. I did not step out of the house during the "haze period", I suppose the haze has already gone down now?

File:Now You See Me Poster.jpg

Yeap, so I went to catch "NOW YOU SEE ME" with bf and co. Rating: 4.5/5 
It was awesome, maybe not! Because some part I don't really understand x.x 

Okay, approximately 11 more days is boyfriend and I being together for a year, whoop whoop! I'm quite eggcited because we don't celebrate our so called "monthsary" so I really want to celebrate our 1 yr anni yay ! 

Okay, let me talk more about myself! 

I am 17 and I'm in Secondary 5. Let me tell you guys some foolish things I did! I'm the kind of NERD in Secondary 1 and my studies is average but still I manage to get into the express stream. I started to be "rebellious" in Secondary 3 and my studies *DOOOP* dropped tremendously. Failed all my exams, literally all F9 *cries* and I'm even the last in class, so embarrassed. SO, I've been transferred to the Acad stream during Secondary 4. I do not have any friends there at first, but still I met a few good friends hehe. 

When I'm promoted to Secondary 5, MOST of my friends left the school already so I'm a loner in school!!!! But somehow, I got used to being alone everyday already so I'm okay. :-)

NOW, I don't even have any motivation to study for my O's and I'm bound to fail. Sighpie... 

Aiya, actually this post is so boring and I don't have the feel to continue anymore because my life just sucks lololol but I'm lucky to have my family, my boyfriend and a few friends like 1 or 2. 

My boyfriend and I are like super glue, we stick to each other and we go wherever together. I might put my boyfriend as my priority but I still put my family and friends in my heart but somehow I've loses faith in friendship? Will it really last? Are they true? But it doesn't matter anymore to me because I'm used to keeping things within myself. Hehe sounds very emo hor but no la, I'm actually those kind of "Kai xin guo" (Cheerful apple?) LOL 

I don't really have a bad temper, but still I do flare up at times when people whom I don't know(or someone I hates) trigger me. I will remember clearly what that person do, say about me and I will hate on them LOL like really see them everywhere also bu shuang :D But of course I am not like those "ah mao ah gou", see people bu shuang then at there "SEE WHAT SEE" LOL LAME SHIT. I will just kept ranting to my boyfriend and friends :-) Best way to cool myself down. TRY IT! Create a whatsapp group with your friends and start ranting haha

What have I been doing during the precious June holiday leh? I'm wasting it :-( Did not do a single revision, all I did was ONLINE SHOPPING, SLEEP, MAHJONG. Hai! Oki, I'm gonna end this post abruptly with no picture because I want to go down and eat my supper ^_^ 

Goodnai darlings 

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Signing off,

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