Friday, 14 June 2013

Movie date

HALO GUYS :D I'm back! T.G.I.F HAHA Actually it's holiday now la so friday doesn't mean anything much for now, maybe I should say T.G.I.H HAHA THANK GOD IT'S HOLIDAY! So ya, movie with Family today. Before we head to Vivo, I had to head to the police station and thank god I don't have to wait  and I stayed there for only less than 5 minutes, phew. 

Ok before I head to the police station, took a cab from Joo Koon to fetch my mom from her office and I forgotten to tell the Uncle driver that we are going to 2 places. So... when I reached mom's office, I told him to go to another location then he's like !@#$%^&*() Keep kpkb la?! Then of course I cannot just leave the cab cause my mom's office here very ulu, very difficult to hail a cab so that's the purpose of me taking a cab  to fetch her ma, so I'm like please la please la to the uncle LOL -__-'' He agreed and then keep rushing my mom and even want to take my phone and talk to my mom to ask her hurry up!!?!! SO RUDE LOR Argh. 

I also extremely hate weird cab driver la, those cab driver that totally is mute one. Can't they at least say an okay or thank you -.- Also met friendly cab driver that jokes a lot hahaha

Carrot juice LOL

With my lil cuzzie Janelle. 

On our way to Vivo :D

Put on my sister's lipstick which turns out damn red LOL

Small little cute tic tac keke

Enjoy funny pictures of us okay haha, just being bored before the movie start!! Oh ya, we caught Man of steel. Rating: 2.5/5 ? A bit lame but 2.5 for the handsome guy which is the superman lololol

This photo is rly candid!!!! While taking this photo, my bf just suddenly lift his leg up like this, LOL so I laugh HAHAHA

My #OOTD today, cat maxi dress from bugis hehe which many people says that it looks like pajamas. By the way, it's the first time I'm wearing maxi dress because you know..... I'm short hahahaha but surprisingly it fits me yay :D 

Free food :D

FREE POPCORN :D Anyway, thats my cute lil sissy hehe

YAY! Aren't we cute? Ok la, after movie mommy send us homey ^^

A very happy day because I know my mommy lil secret :-) Okie shall end my post here cause I shall go to bed soon. Hope you guys enjoy your Friday as much as I do. Baibai!

Signing off,

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