Friday, 26 July 2013

Fashion design

Hello! Just gonna update this little space of mine and am using my phone to blog because I don't have the laptop battery.

Ok so ya, few days back there's a career talk in my school and all the polytechnic was there. The moment I saw the course for apparel design I'm like "THIS IS MY DREAM"! I have never talked about fashion design to anyone before because I knew I'm never gonna make it. I can't even draw a freaking figurine..... LOL *Am still thinking if I should even post my first attempts on drawings. Every time I look at it, I literally laughed ALONE lol! So a few days ago I asked one of my art student friend to teach me how to draw and she's really patient and never criticize my drawing, she kept saying that I'm improving and obviously I am not...... So sweet right! 

*One of my favorite contact lens*

I am actually not the kind of art person and I don't really like to draw, I just want to design clothes that suits my preference! Just now while checking my email, I saw that a blogshop is looking for fashion designers and I'm like.... I WANT but l think if I send in my drawings they sure laugh haha so I'm trying to improve, watch more tutorials on YouTube. *still thinking weather i should post up the drawings..* I might laugh again if I take it out and see HAHAHAHA it's rly very very funny and HORRIBLE! Even a P6 can draw better than me... Went to a library with Jh and borrowed book about design. I seems serious, I never really have a goal in life and even if I have, I don't really go and pursue it so I guess I'm serious this time round, hehehe! Just hope that this will continues and bring me farther hohoho 

Initially I wanted to take a business course but nooooooo way! Although future may seems bright but I hate oral and presentation!!!!!!! 

Okay I think I don't want to post up the drawings, so embarrassing HAHAHHAHAHA 

Ok so.... TGIF! Whoop whoop! Went back home after school and took a nap, like quite long never take afternoon nap so I felt really good! Went to dinz with bf and his friends at SUBWAY!!! My favorite!!!! And had a surprise birthday celebration for his friend! Hiakhiak, got cake eat but it's chocolate cake... Meh I hate chocolate cake. 

Ok so baibai I am going to either sleep or watch more tutorials. Wish me luck and I hope I can fulfill my dreamzzzzzz WAHAHHA maybe in my dreamland ba ok zai jian! 

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