Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Sibeh suey

Hey sup :D Finally had some times to blog. Gave school a miss today cause it's only celebration and nooooo way I am going to give up my sleeps just to go to school for a celebration. YES, I am that anti-social. Pictures are from last week. Last week, caught "The reluctant fundamentalist" at cine and IT SUCK! I have no idea why we chose to watch this show even thou we don't even know what is it about. Full of regrets, I WAS SO SO SO BORED during the movie. Rating: 0/100000000000 *angry*

#OOTD that day, super in love with the blouse cause it's not that thick material and super cooling! I bought this because of the flower details around the collar, super pretty ^_^ I have never wore like this before, I feel very hip like that HAHAHAHA super love this photo also cause my leg doesn't look like a dwarf here. 

Ok, so yesterday, I was super super duper duper unlucky. It's like everything is arranged, destined, fated. LOL Firstly, early in morning I had to wake up slightly earlier cause I need to get stamps and mail some parcels before I head to school. Then, while walking halfway out I realized that I did not bring my ez-link card out and I do not have any coins with me to take bus. Nevermind, so I walked to the mrt station about 10 mins walk. 

Head to school, and as usual, Monday first period was my P.E lesson and I will always be in the class sleeping LOL. SO TODAY, suey suey kena caught and got a beta form -.- And my charger was being confiscated for 2 weeks. 
While walking back to class, a teacher suddenly come and scold me blablabla wts 

After school, I wanted to take a bus to cck since I do not have my ez-link, I am supposed to take 172 and ended up taking 180 without realizing, so I was like enjoying eating my curry puffs in the bus. When I reached panjang I'm so happy cause I thought I'm reaching but guess what? I ended up going to Bukit batok, then Jurong East, then Chinese garden, then LAKESIDE. SO ALL THE WAY, I TAKING A BUS FROM BOON LAY TO BOON LAY. Ended up taking MRT home instead and took a cab home. -___-" My day was sooooo bad but my mood still quite okay hahaha I have no idea why. 

Have been making floral headband recently and sold some of them ^^ I really enjoy making them haha cause it's so prettyyyyy!!! Anyway, if any is interested, do visit my instashop @Shoptrixiepixie :D Price from $7-$12 mailed 


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