Monday, 9 September 2013

hey hi ho

Hihihihihihihihi!!! Been so long since I last blogged because I am so lazy n busy. Decided to blog because I am so freaking scared right now as I'm at home alone and it's raining heavily outside and I kept hearing sounds. Maybe I am just too paranoid but I'm so to the extent that I started to play some church song LOL I hope bf quickly come home T_T Ok anyway, all these photos all taken yesterday featuring my floral headbands. All handmade by myself :D 

Have been going to the church for the past 2 weeks with bf's family. I am not a Catholic but i seriously enjoy going there. Yesterday I went out with bf's family for dinner at a jap restaurant, it serves buffet. The food was awesome but it was so expensive!!!!!!! Approximately $40 each person, at North point shopping centre I think, yishun there. I think the restaurant is called "Ishi mura". Anyway ya, when I was taking my food and there was this damn chao ah lian knocked onto me as if I steal her sushi. -_-" Siao zhar bor. But then, this doesn't spoil my day but I'm so happy she's so angry with me while I don't give a fuck. ^^

Life has been real bored, just 1 month + and it's my O's already.................... Supposed to be studying now but i'm too lazy... I want to sleep but I'm too scared to sleep, so I shall wait for bf to come home keke

I had so much things to blog about but I totally forgotten what so I shall end here.
Before I go, let me introduce this awesome show call "Empresses in the palace". Some huang shang show but IT WAS DAMN AWESOME. Even my bf is hooked with this show. I officially finished this show. Bf and I dreamt about the show too. If bf and myself enjoy the show, I believe both female and male will love this show, it's about jealousy at the back palace. Super awesome!

Okay zai jian le byebye :-)

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