Thursday, 19 September 2013


Hello Pixies! Blogging now just because I feels like.
 O levels are just about 28 days away... To be honest,  I have no confidence at all. What makes me so motivated? It's because I want to be on stage when I get my result. When I was looking at those pupils taking their results last year, I was so proud of them. I want to be like them to and prove those people that called me a bimbo wrong. Many people had seen me changed, that Rachel who always sleep during lesson had become that Rachel who started doing her work even during recess time.(Ok la, only for some lesson I'm still sleeping, because its soooooo boring, I know I know, you guys feel me haha.) 
Had been skipping school lately because I'm down with a slight fever and insomnia which makes me sleep during the time I should wake up???? This sucks.... Too stressed out. Enough of school, it only scares me.

A collage of silly photos with my precious. The guy that is always with me, that listens to my rants and act stupid with me. Having him and my family is just enough for me. I really can't differentiate friends that are true to me or not. I stopped trying to be a good friend to someone who doesn't treat me as a good friend. Everyone seems so fake to me, I can't trust anyone except for my fam, bf and bff. Glad to have them. 

Bf and I have a date maybe on Saturday, and he suggested that we shall go all around Singapore to eat those famous food, so can anyone suggest any place that has nice and yummy food :D This is like one of his suggestions I find it good because all he wanna do is play pool and mahjong!!! *BORING BF* So leave me some suggestions on :D

I am thinking if whether I should cut my hair into shoulder length and bangs................. I rly don't know. But whatever, no time to think about my hair also!!!! It's gonna be a busy busy year.

Oh anyway, I just updated my phone to IOS 7... and it's like okay lor, why are people so impressed about it??? 

Sorry but I gotta end this post abruptly, I guess I'm just gonna go study.... I seriously have no life. LOL

Signing off,

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