Thursday, 28 August 2014


Hi! Taking some time to blog because I'm having my paper at 5pm and it's like only 1pm now. I should be studying now but I'm too lazy hehe. Last paper today and for the holidays I'm gonna work really hard to earn as much money as I can. I may not have the luxury I had anymore, and I can't really believe it. It's like whatever I want, I can always have it but not anymore... Just gonna depend on myself to get whatever I want.

(Randomly pick this out of a million photos, sorry I know it's a rly failed photo hahahaha)
Class E65L Y1S1

I have met awesome people in poly and I'm gonna change class for the next semester. I'm gonna miss them and the fun we had together. I hope for my next class, I can meet awesome people like them again. All the best guys!

(First ever clique I met during FOP) 
(The 3 "bims" in class, hahahah)

(My LAO DA, always bullying me yet protecting me at the same time HAHA) 

(This hot and cold guy, always late and partial without fail deeeee)  
( The party animals )
( The first party we went together hehe )

( He who never fails to make me laugh hahahaha )

This half of the year have been great for me, despite having some ups and downs. Thanks to all of you hehe!!

Drink drank drunk party ~ 

Here's Pingping and my BFF. Super happy to meet Pingping finally although it was a coincident hehe means we fated la =D Can't wait to meet niaoniao!!! 

Signing off here I guess, some things I really wish I can write it down here but i can't. Some things can only be kept in the bottom of my heart. :( Goodbye!


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