Sunday, 13 July 2014

With pain comes strength

Hi, finally decided to blog cause it's a stay home Sunday. Well, I'm supposed to be working right now but I'm down with fever... Woke up as usual to prepare for work and I guess the bus was too crowded my vision became blur and giddy.. Told the bus driver to stop :O Still headed to work by a cab as I have to open the shop... I'm so glad to have such an understanding boss hehe! Left work and head home. I'm so glad there's actually people who cares for me especially my families and a few friends. Love you guys so much 

UT 2 approached even when we have not gotten all our UT 1 result, what is this shit :( Didn't really put much effort for my UT 2, always studying at the last minute lor. Anyway, my BTT is approaching too and I'm no even prepared. It seems like I have no time, or maybe I'm just too lazy. I wish there's something to motivate me. I don't really want to drive, I rather to have someone to drive me around HAHAHA. 

Okay so how's school? School's fine for me and I did not slept even once during lessons hehe such a good girl. Used to sleep everyday during Secondary School. Actually to me, RP is good ya! Especially the PBL thingy which I thought I would hate but no. At least it kept me awake during the whole lesson. Although there might be some conflicts as we have to work in teams but I guess we all just have to accept one another cause we are gonna work together right? Can't imagine if it's lectures, I'll prolly sleep throughout the whole lecture lor. So ya, it's quite productive everyday in school. Guess I'm used to do presentation and RJ, weee. 

Spent the Friday night with the Party Animals at PP and as usual, my heels broke every time HAHAHA. Sucks to be me lor.... Everytime go party, my heels will sure break without fail. Went home barefooted -_-" and also "dabao" one drunk girl home HAHAHA She's like telling people that she will take care of me yet look who's taking care of who. :P 

Photos before we get wasted :D

Spent my Saturday with the usual people at my house, decided to order pizza, talk and laugh. Quite a chillax Saturday I would say. I wish there's more of these kind of day!!! Went to BPP with them and walk around. Playing like a Secondary School kids, I rly miss the time. Don't care about what people say, we are having fun and YOU'RE NOT! HEHE 

To that idiotic dumb fuck who says I have no money to buy clothes to cover the rest of my body. JUST BECAUSE I WORE A CROP TOP WITH JEANS. Like seriously what da fuk iz wrong with you mud? How does it makes sense? (Anyway cuz you're a dumb fuck that's y you don't talk sense, ok i forgive you). Do you have nothing better to do? Barging into people's class and suddenly come and criticized me as if you're PURRRRRRRFECT!?

She didn't cover her body but she's richer than you DUMB FUCK DUDE. 


It's not that I can't take joke, if you're close to me, I will just laugh it off, if you're not then jolly well stfu and don't act as if we're very close cause you're #disgustingpieceofsmellyshit 

Shall end my post here! School tomorrow and I'm looking forward as I have rly awesome classmates!!! 

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