Friday, 10 May 2013


Hi all! TGIF! Actually I am supposed to go and take a super long nap cause I rly need one as I have been sleeping for 3 hours only everyday because of my last minute revision but here I am, sacrificing my sleeps for my sick bb :') 
Awww, he look so cute even when hes sick 

Anyway, he is down with fever, sore throat and flu... Having 1 of the it is the worst thing ever already, yet he is having the triple combo. He must be suffering a lot. I kind of miss him being active, crazy, talkative, annoying. Maybe part of it is because I've been studying from evening till night which is the only time we are free that's why I miss him... even though we are like staying together? Haha the power of love. 

Anyway I want to dedicate this post to my boyfriend :( Ever since he have fever like 2 days ago, we didn't talk a lot, is like whenever I ask him a question, he will just stare at me and I'm like O_O TALK TO ME DON'T KEEP STARING AT ME! And I got a little frustrated but ofc I am not that unreasonable, he is sick what! So i tried to show him my love and concern haha but seems like neither of it works :( He had been sleeping for like 1-2 days already as in he wake up just to eat dinner, eat medicine and shower then go back to sleep already :( 

Bb! Hope you get well soon and talk to me again. You are a "fighter"(in games LOL) and a fever won't knock you down so easily okie ^^ It's weekend, time for us to enjoy! Get well soon and we shall go for our adventure! I love you and I miss you being bubbly and crazy like those pictures above *camwhoring with my cammy hehehe! 

Here are some questions you guys must be curious about:

Am I staying together with my bf? Did I go home?
Yes, I am staying with my boyfriend and I did go home some times. Maybe you would ask me if I am happy staying with his family and him, yes I am and I get along with most of his family but I am super afraid of his Dad..... and his Mommy has been rly good to me hehe. I do miss home too! But actually it doesn't makes a difference cause I don't rly talked to my family and I feel that they look down on me :( The only person I talked to most is my sister and my maid!  

How do I go to school?
Fly aeroplane! Hah kidding. I took MRT everyday to school and it is kind of "expensive" cause 1-2s week I would have to top up my ez-link again as I took 4 bus-rides and 2 mrt-rides everyday. That's why I've been selling stuffs online to earn some extra pocket money so do support @Shoptrixiepixie on instagram ok ^^

How long have we been together? 
We have been together since 6 JULY 2012 and been together for 10 months 4 days. Time fly really fast and it's like gonna be our 1 year anniversary soon. We don't break/patch/patch but of course, in a relationship there's ups and downs but this doesn't break us apart and I'm so so glad :) 

Where do we go for our "monthsary"?
We do not celebrate monthsary because I don't want my bf to like spend so much money every months lor. Don't you think that it is very tiring to think of what to get every month for your partner? And also, since we are still students, we have not even start earning money. I feel that celebrating monthsary is not necessary. Maybe sometimes go eat something good! Hehe

So ya, I hope bf will recover real soon ^_^

Yay! My fish eye lens have arrived and I opened a preorder for it so if you are interested, contact me now on Instashop: @Shoptrixiepixie / Twitter: @Rachelim_ /  Instagram: @Rachellim_ / Email: 

It is only at $16 and will send in order once i reached 10 caps ^^

Effects of fish eye lens

Bye, do stay tune for my next post!

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