Saturday, 4 May 2013

Disappointment, anger, fear

Hi all! Well.... Guess what I spent during my weekends when there's exams next week? I basically did NO REVISION at all... I am so disappointed in myself for being so lazy when I really want to do well for my exam. Omg! My bf is sleeping soundly beside me and his eyebrow just jumped continuously???? Is that even possible when you are like SLEEPING......? You will know in a minute why am I so paranoid since yesterday..


Of course not so exaggerating like this la siao... hahaha! While searching for this video, came across lots of funny video of eyebrow dance, isn't it suppose to be EYEBROW dance but this person can't stop using her mouth ahahahahaha! Can you imagine? Cause I can ha ha!

I know I know, My videos are like HI AND BYE only but i really cannot take video of myself talking for so long, it just feels kinda weird, like REALLY WEIRD...So let me practice first okay? HA HA

Yesterday, which is a Saturday supposed to be heading IKEA but I've no idea why we didn't go cause is bf plan one... *Tempting to eat the chocolate beside me but I've yet to brush my teeth LOL* It's like 11.30am Sunday morning now :D  Ok back to Saturday first! So.... I woke up rather early and I head to prepare.... which means I have more time to camwhore and of course a short video of me above. HEHE 

Credit to Bf whom is a lousy photographer haha
Headed out and the sun was soooooooooooooooooooooo hot that within 5 minutes I stepped out of the house, I SWEAT LIKE CRAZY.... Don't you hate that..... Showered and putting on make up, wanting to smell nice and look pretty but the moment you went out, every effort gone. But it's alright la, look pretty in photo I also happy ^^ cause bf still loves me haha! 

Met up with bf's friends and head to woodlands for his friend's birthday celebration. Well...... actually I can't click/clique well with his group of friends(SOME) one so it became kind of awkward cause I don't know(I KNOW SOME) who are the one who talk behind my back and who are the good ones so I usually just keep quiet and in my mind, I'm just thinking "Wa why he like so good ah ask me want sweet a not, I thought he don't like me......?" You know this feeling? Where you just want to stay away from making "fake" friends, so I ended up avoiding lots of people except my boyfriend... 

Also there's other reasons but maybe I shall not write it here... A clue "Being accused". WHO LOVES TO GET ACCUSE? :( I'm pretty sad and ANGRY about that incident cause I realised most of his friends hates me(i think) so I just stay away from them lor.... :)

So ya, I just sat down and watch tv, ate buffet, charge my phone and stuffs. Didn't talked much to anybody. It's not that I'm anti-social lor, just that sometimes I'm afraid that after I talked with them then I found out they "bad-mouthed" me, end up I will regret and say what "WA EARLY DON'T TALK TO THEM LOR, DON'T LIKE ME STILL TALK TO ME, SO FAKE" LOL then I will be like quite sad FOR AWHILE like 1 second :) So in conclusion, I don't give a damn to fake people ^_^ 

Head home with bf and luckily we decided to stay home instead of going to the party cause I know I would be damn bored but I mean if he wanna go I will let him go la! And also, no midnight mahjong kaki so that marks the end of our Saturday! Not really enjoyable but as long as it's with my bf I'm fine with anything :)

Now you will know why am I so paranoid............ because BF accidentally kick those oranges that people place under the blk to pray and I don't know why I so paranoid la also not I kick one but I was thinking that if the "thing" follow bf's home means the "thing" will be sleeping beside me la!!! SO I'M DAMN FREAKED OUT!!! And then just now I was in the toilet, and it started raining... Heard a voice: "Rachel, raining go close the door..." I stunned for awhile cause I know bf's family should be at the church at this timing.... Feeling a bit scared already but then I quickly went to close everything and keep the clothes... There's really no one at home and bf still sleeping... AND THE VOICE IS A GIRL'S VOICE so obviously it can't be bf la.... It sounds like bf's mom but not exactly like hers. Wa... I so scared now T_T

But actually blogging also somehow makes me forget the incident but when I blogged about, I remembered :(

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