Saturday, 11 May 2013


Hi all! Yes, I am doing the #whatpubertydidtome where everyone is doing :D 


Secondary 1? 2? 

The times when using yr hair to cover yr one eye is the trend LOL WTF I CAN'T EVEN BREATHE WHILE LOOKING AT THIS PICTURE........ LOLOLOL

Secondary 3

Where everyone is pouting their lips HAHAHAHAH LOL I'm sure many of you got this kind of "pout lips" photos hahahha don't lie!

Secondary 4

Secondary 5 "NOW" 

I can't even leave my fringe down for like seconds cause it's so irritating. I wonder how I managed being a one eye monster lol....... Anyway didn't post all the photos cause rly...... I can't handle it LOL 

So ya, I started to make up when I was like Sec 2/3? I totally regretted cause all these leads to pimples haiz but without make up i'm like 0% confidence, I can't even walk with my heads up outside. *Anyway i am currently shopping online for shoes and I don't know if I should buy it, STRESS* Oh and one thing that have never change is my HEIGHT, WTS I AM LIKE STILL 151CM which sucks big time.... :( 
#whatpurbertydidtome - It's when make up became essential

So how's my exam? Yeah I screwed my papers so badly... Don't even think of getting a pass. Life is so stressful. Sometimes I rly regret going to Sec 5, I should have went to ITE! I want to take up a design course and open a online shop and manufacture my own clothes. That's what I want, doing something I like not STUDY AND STUDY AND BECOME CRAZY :( 

Ok i shall end here byebye, hope you enjoy this post where you can see ugly photos T_T 

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