Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Hi guys, just a quick update while waiting for emails and before I head to do my work. It's thursday, the day I hated most because school ends at 2.30pm which is super late. I seriously cannot standing staying in school for very long thus 2.30pm is super late to me and don't even say staying back for remedial till 5pm. And so I decided to be rebellious today by not going to school, actually no la, I'm just too tired to wake up hehe.

Currently waiting for the person to email regarding the fish eye lens cause the previous supplier suck. I mean like she took ages to reply a message and took 3 weeks to send my parcel so ya... so sorry for the delay of the fish eye lens.

O LEVEL Chinese paper in 4 days time and I hope to get A1 which is quite impossible LOL but it's good to aim high. So I'm gonna chiong study later. This bf of mine still jio me go play mahjong before the day of my MT PAPER, but I rejected him. DETERMINE TO GET GOOD RESULT.

Yesterday a very good friend of mine ignore me yesterday and I've no idea why T_T Hopefully everything will be okay soon... Even dreamt of her last night. :(

Oh by the way, I am so angry with one customer because I waited for her for almost 1 hour, I met her and then let her check the item. Then she still got the cheek to tell me "Do you mind if I don't want it anymore?" WTS....... -.- Ok just a rly short post, bye people!

Signing off,

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