Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My life

Hi, no school today cause its marking day ^^ So gonna cry when I see my result. But anyway, I was thinking why people say I got donald duck lips so I went to search for donald duck.

HAHAHHAHAHA, cute? I think it's because I always take photo with my lips like the first picture above. Otherwise, if you are saying my lips is thick, then LOL MY LIPS IS NOT THICK EXCUSE ME, ARE YOU BLIND?


THEN WHAT IS THIS YOU TELL ME!?!? LOL btw this photos kind of freaks me out. 

So being curious, I went to search for donald duck lips 

Or do you mean donald duck lips like that *the pic above. Cute what! LOL you trying to say I cute or what ah??? 

Or this??? FUCKING BLIND FAGGOT, OBVIOUSLY I DON'T LOOK LIKE THIS if you are trying to tell me that I look like this. I strongly advise you to go see an optician.

Ok next topic. SOME people says that my boyfriend's families spent a lot on me. Well, I have no idea how they find this out, or maybe they are like among the families, who knows ^_^ You know I know :) But for your information, if you're not the one who is paying then kindly shhhhh ok


It's all about schooling, shopping, relationship, families. So let's talked about my daily routine. I wake up early in the morning 5.30 am to prepare for school. I have to take 2 bus trips and 1 train trip to reach my school and all I did is because of my boyfriend because I do not want him to feel lonely as he is under probation for some reason. Just because I don't state my reason why am I staying with my boyfriend does not mean my family is under FAS and I depend on my boyfriend. I pay for my shopping expenses, daily products like panty liners/sanitary pads, food sometimes my bf will buy me stuffs to surprise me. Yes I do feel guilty that they always buy dinner for me since I'm always at home at night but at times I will ask them not to buy for me(which I'll then cook maggie I BOUGHT myself) and you can't possibly ask me to pay them like $3 $2 $5 each time they buy for me, I mean like it's so awkward la and do you think they will take the money? Of course no dumb fuck! 

My boyfriend always shower me with gifts mean I'm depending on him? He buy me stuffs and I buy him stuffs, some times we would treat each other to dinner and buy each other stuffs. Is it wrong? FYI NO and it does not mean he is depending on me or I am depending on him. 

Oh by the way, guys rly should stop calling sanitary pads KOTEX because Kotex is just a brand or maybe pads in malay language is kotex I don't know? 

I shop everyday online and love shopping a lot. I think I have a new hobby which is coloring my hair with an editor LOL might be a cool hobby cause don't need to spend money keke

As for my relationship, most should know my boyfriend and I are like super glue ahahahhaa, we stick to one another like everyday but of course my boyfriend always find me annoying T_T and ya la I also at times find him annoying. When we fight, the next morning when we wakes up, we are like fine again. But he never apologise to me even when he's wrong and I am super angry about it. 
Last night we fought cause I keep shaking him when he want to sleep then he twist my hand so I cried LOL. I threw all the toys off the bed then he's like "BITCH" LOL then I'm like "STUPID DOG". And then next morning which is today, he's like "want smoke?" then I'm like "Okay lor" Before he go to school, hugs and kisses and byebye. HAHHAA Sometimes I think we're rly cute. ^^ 

My dad's in Malaysia now working and I'm still deciding weather to go KL cause you know O level coming already... But it's just for a few days, so ya. So deciding lor, but rly wanna go cause I miss him!!! But i hates travelling except going to bangkok my favourite shopping spot! 

DUCK LIPS FROM US, if you still insist I have a duck lip HAHA ^_^ Bye darlings xx

Signing off,

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