Wednesday, 5 June 2013

0 fuck given

Hello! I'm using my phone to blog while lying on the bed getting ready to nap because I only had 1 hr of sleep last night and am having a bad stomachache for no reason. So this morning I reluctantly woke up for school but still I managed to :D Had Mac breakfast with JH and off we go for Maths remedial which I basically did nothing because I was too tired... Next, which is my fnn practical already. Found out that I did not bring all of my ingredients :( But then, still I managed to do all my dishes, yay :) 

Unfortunately, when I was on the way home, halfway IT RAINS!!! Was hoping that when I get down the bus, I can see bf waiting for me with umbrella. BUT NOOOOOO! Which makes me super sad, angry and disappointed. So while walking home I'm like already preparing what to say to him! LOL "WHY YOU SO HEARTLESS! RAINING NEVER COME FETCH ME STILL WATCH TV BLABLABLA" LOL! 
Halfway reaching home saw a guy with two umbrellas wearing a familiar shirt. Could not see clearly because I misplaced my spectacle again... 
So ya the person was my bf la of course haha ^.^ But I'm already half drenched. 

Actually, small little things can already make me happy, it's not that difficult at all :) I love you bby!!! 

And, why so over-reacting over a comment lolololol! I don't understand why she did that till today. FAME. That's all I have to say :) 
I don't know why but I used to rage when I see this kind of things but then aiya no point online attacking each other lor! Isn't that for like primary school kids. Nah, not going to stoop to that level :) IGNORANCE IS BLISS! DUI BU DUI? :D 

But the anon say until i so mean :( who's being the mean one?! But 无所谓啦!People judge, everybody judge and so do I! True or not? :) 

GOODBYE & have a splendid holiday! ^.^

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