Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My first DIY floral halo

Hi guys! I did a DIY FLORAL HALO and I'm so proud of myself! I never knew I could DIY stuffs by myself hehehe! So one day, an idea pop out that was to make a floral halo! I was so so excited to make it, I watched many youtube videos and here are some that I did! 

All you need is some fake flowers, floral wire and floral tape. Of course a pair of scissor and those basic stuff. You can find all these everywhere just that which is cheaper ^^ Of course being a super "budget barbie" with my friend, we walked around and found cheap wire, tape and flowers ^^ 

While walking around a flower shop, there's this super uncle which I rly dislike. I told him that I'm looking for floral wire, then hes like ordering me to buy the thinner ones when I want the thicker one. Being frustrated, I walked away. I don't believe I cannot find elsewhere that sell that wire, and tada, bought a cheaper one.

First I separate the flowers and leaves which I took a pretty long time as I could not find the wire plier so I used a scissor instead and got my hand hurt :( The pink roses are so beautiful

Combining the floral wire together and tape it with the floral top so that when you wear it, the wire wont prick you.

Join the flowers and TADA, my first DIY FLORAL HALO!

Took photo with bf's head cause his hair is so nice lor LOL look like girl

To be honest, it's super big for my head though LOL but I rly like it. I can like put for for decoration if no one is buying it ^^

Had an order from one customer and customize this for her. Pastel pink and pastel yellow, they matches so well!!! Pretty colours!!

The end result *almost done* CHIO ANOT???? 

I also did this lilac rose headband for one of my good friend. Hope she likes it :-)

2 more papers and I'm sooooooo done with my mid year examination but O level fnn coursework is like end of may, and I can't even bake a single shit..... Tsk

(Wtf is wrong with my hair T_T)

Anyway 16th may is my Daddy's birthday!!!! Happy birthday Dad, although you are always not in Singapore :( But don't worry I'm missing you... Thank you for always pampering me, shower me with gifts and love. You are the best Dad in the whole world I swear :') The cammy you bought for me, let's take lots of photos together. I love you!!! Hope to see you soon!

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