Thursday, 16 May 2013


HI I AM SO GONNA RANT! Ok so, lately I have been very into Online Shopping cause I am also selling stuffs but ended up spending all the money I earned. I am currently having my dinner now while writing this post, nomnom. Boyfriend's mom cooking is always yummy!!! Love her green curry especially, ahhh craving for it now! Ok back to the point. So recently I passby an instashop and saw a pants that I really like and it's like from Editors Market and it's brand new for only $22.

(Picture credit to owner)

Here's the pretty high waist shorts that I initially thought it was the one I bought... 

The high waist shorts that I got it today... If you're not blind, you can obviously see that it's a different colours. And the tag wasn't even editors market and it's like some china brand. I am so pissed because it wasn't even exact to the picture and $22 for a china shorts? *Roll eye The shorts I received are nice but then   don't you think that the seller is very irresponsible for giving me a different pair of shorts? YES IT IS VERY IRRESPONSIBLE LA!? 

Ok next another unpleasant online shopping that happens months ago, just that I don't bother to talk about it cause it's only for $12.

As you can see from the picture ah, when you zip up, it can't even be zip. Wts

Yes, I got this tribal high waist shorts for $12 and the seller claim that it's BRAND NEW. When I got it, the zip is already at faulty. The zip already had difficulties zipping up and down. I wanted a refund but one of my friend told me about her family background and I'm like some sort of pity her la, so I just keep the shorts lor. What I regret about is that, she actually bad-mouthed me la, should have just ask for a refund and not even pity her at all. Nevermind, I too kind already. I'll just take it as donating the money to her lor. 

One more things I am gonna talked about. 
If you don't like me, THEN DON'T SELL TO ME LA, give me spoil item and that just makes you look like a fucking beggar. I also heard something about me which is really funny ^_^ Read on to find out more!!

"Rachel only find boyfriend for protection"

Ok ah, don't you find it damn ridiculous?! Who doesn't want a guy who could love you, care for you and PROTECTS you. WTS, you are talking without using your brain dumb fuck bitch. I really can't stand it when people talk rubbish? Would anybody want a guy who run away when you have trouble or a guy who can protect you when you need him? Oh, I bet shes's so pathetic that she can't find a boyfriend like mine? 

I'm not saying my boyfriend is the BEST GUY ever, but since people say I find boyfriend for protection means my boyfriend can protect me la, make sense? Yes no?  At least my boyfriend is perfect to me. She's just jealous of US or she can't find a boyfriend like mine? Perhaps :) What do you think? 

Gotta go eat my dinner now, totally forgotten about my dinner hehe. Rant on twitter and instagram and I feel rly good now :) Stay tune for my next post darlings :) Bye xx

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