Sunday, 19 May 2013


Hi all :-) I just dyed my hair purple as you can see from the picture above because somehow I've gone crazy? Keke just kidding! Just feeling bored while bf is doing his project. Wearing my new blue lens! The colour is damn bright and I love it! So how's your weekends? Mine was rather okay since I am doing something I like but definitely not my hobby which is Mahjong. I really can name myself Mahjong Queen while bf is Mahjong King cause every weekends we will be playing mahjong!? Won money $$$_$$$$ means MORE SHOPPING AHAHHAA. And yes! My hobby is shopping if you still don't know, I can spend my entire day shopping online. This is how crazy and devoted I am to shopping! But no matter how much shopping I did, I seems to have nothing to wear... True or not girls?

Mahjong till the morning and sleep till the noon. Headed out for dinner with my bf's family... Somehow I don't have the mood to go since I had conflict with one of his siblings if you'all still don't know. I really don't know if is my fault? So ya, quite mood-less that so I didn't talk much and showed attitude to my bf then become arguments. Actually we didn't argue la, just talked until very "xialan" LOL But then, in the end still okay already la. Almost wanna run out of his house cause I feel that everyone is against me la then very sad lor....... 

Sunday which is today, again we played mahjong and had steamboat at my ahma house ^^ Win money again $$$$___$$$$ Happy la?! Who win money not happy one! Cab home with bf and chill at a park near his house then we headed home. Which marks the end of my weekends for this week. And I have exam tomorrow and I totally did not study a single word. Still thinking if I should study now a not cause it's already very late and study also confirm fail.... Ya maybe I should just go get my beauty sleep hehe....

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And I am currently waiting for mega collection which is at the last week of may! Saving money for it. :)

I just jailbreak my phone and I don't know if is a right choice but my phone are really cute now. For pictures please go to my instagram :) It was my Sissy which helped, I don't know why is she so pro in such things la, then I'm like so dumb LOL Okie shall end here and stay tune for my next post, might be doing a baking "tutorial" cause I need to practice my baking for my o level fnn practical *_*

Bye ^_^

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