Saturday, 8 June 2013

It's just a bad day, not a bad life

Hello! It has been so long since I blogged with my pictures!!! Even my instagram were filled with food and Food and FOOD! Holiday started, bf and I are like playing mahjong everyday except today is our "OFF DAY" Actually I quite bored of playing mahjong already... Played almost 3 pot yesterday which almost killed me la, played till like 5am. TIRED MAX! :( 

OKAY NEXT, I don't want to blog about it actually but that "BEAUTY CONTEST WINNER" kept going on saying that those anon on her were me or my friends trying to defend myself or like "screw Rachel man" LOL WTF WHAT A JOKE. I don't even visit HER until someone told me about it and I have not even ask a single question on anybody's except for HANNAH AND MY BFF when I first started using lor. So who's trying to climb onto whose head? THINK ABOUT IT

 If you all have not known, SOMEONE insulted me on her blog last week ago and even posted my photos. You know why? My friend showed me a photo and I said:

Actually it wasn't even a freaking comment? I WAS JUST ASKING WHY AND IS IT MAKE HER FACE SKINNIER AND BREAST BIGGER LOR? By ASKING that question, does that even mean I am even jealous of her boobies or whatever? Hell no please. Some PEOPLE just don't have the brain.  

The main point is, this conversation is said to one of my friend NOT TO THE WHOLE WORLD. But the CHIOBU insist that I want her attention. Look who wants whose attention by blogging about it and want to TELL THE WHOLE WORLD. *Actually not the whole world la, not as if she's xiaxue or somebody famous* (LOL) 

Ok, the reason why I am blogging about it is because I feel that she's trying to act like an angel but SHE'S NOT and trying to make me look like a baddie?! You will get this later on. 

SO, her blog was like saying:

Is it necessary?

Look at the image below. This was HER judging somebody. 

Ok so she's like saying that "she thought she's like sunshine girl but in person like different. Impatient."
Is this judging?! YES LA OF COURSE! So why is she whining on her blog saying "why the fuck can't girl stop hating/judging?" LOL Contradicting hor?
*I have another conversation but it is not convenient to post it here.*

Ok next, below the conversation were me talking about that "CHIOBU"

I said that she's skinny, tall, MORE PRETTY and SEXY, long legs BUT make up like opera shows. 
She only posted half of the story on her blog and makes me look like a baddie. Ridiculous shit. Everyone have flaws, you can't expect people to compliment you in everything, FACE IT. 

If you realized, the 1st conversation of HER talking about somebody and the 2nd conversation of me talking about HER is the same. Compliment + flaws. DO YOU GET WHAT I MEAN?
SO why complain when SHE HERSELF JUDGE ALSO. LOL

So I was discussing with my friend, "Why she so over reacting and stuff like this" and my friend told me SHE WANTED FAME. So I'm like.................................... Gain fame by defaming people? Cool shit Hahahahahahaha! Don't have to know who my friend is :) but whatever she said is TRUE. 
 Like that the girl she judge should make a blog post about her and post her photo la? NO RIGHT? LOL LAME SHIT 

I shall not explain anymore further neither am I going to post her photos because that is PLAIN CHILDISH :) If posting my un-glamorous photos MAKES HER feel better about herself, then so be it cause I'm not going to stoop to her level. I don't need fame unlike her trying so hard for fame.

And about the beauty contest she's talking about in her blog, she can't even win a fashion show........ BEAUTY CONTEST? Meh. And yes, I don't have big boobies, but at least I dont need to have big boobs to attract people's attention :D 


Might be playing mahjong on Sunday again, and I don't know if I am looking forward to it....... maybe yes if I win some money haha! Anyway, I will be going to the Miyoc clothes buffet, yay I'm so excited!!!! 

Baibai ^^

Signing off,

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