Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Miyoc clothes buffet + Steamboat

P.S Many selfies in this post, if you don't like my face then don't bother reading okay!!! :D 

Hello people :D Finally, the long awaiting(actually not realy long) event arrive. Miyoc clothes buffet organised by The Scarlet Room. I was excited, not! Because I was being lazy on that day and super tired. But of course, I'm not going to waste my $30 la, cause I already bought the tix :( Woke up and prepare for the day!!! So ya, while waiting for everybody to be ready, TIME TO TAKE SOME PHOTOS KEKE. 

Oh ya, I also decided to bring my cammy out on that day because I think my cammy has rot enough already hehe and I lent my cam to my friend a few days ago so since it's like already taken out then sun bian bring out lor. Only have to hang around me ma haha but Gen say I look like I'm going to the Zoo LOL 
Many many pictures of me below LOL

Told bf I want to change profile picture but he so uncooperative!!! Look at this "kena force to take picture" face LOL 

This will be my new facebook profile picture  hehe

Tried my new lipstick and it turns out....... WHY I LOOK SO TAN? AM I RLY THAT TAN? :(

Justin and Genevieve 
Out we go with this couple. It's like a "couple date"? HAHA Happy shot of them. 

Our Miyoc clothes buffet tickets!!! It's like damn cool, like movie ticket!

Queuing up, the event starts at 2pm and we started queuing at like 1.15pm! But there were already quite a lot of people queuing so actually I am not the most kia su one hehe Saw one of my friend and she said that people already started queuing from 12pm LOL 

The clothes buffet was a disappointment............... The clothes has no variety, no quality.... Wasted my $30 lor... But I got like 8 pieces of clothes in 2 minutes hehe But all not nice one la :(

Last minute decided to head to bugis for STEAMBOAT, yipeeeee :D Before that we went for some shopping. 


Didn't eat much cause I'm so lazy to cook and I don't dare to look at the pot cause I scared my contact lens burn or something LOL PARANOID :( But I love the bacon with mushroom so overall i only ate that and sausage which cost me like $20 haha ok la quite worth it though(but not for me la haha). GOT FREE ICE CREAM YUMZ :D I think the store name is "TIAN TIAN HUO GUO" Quite good, athough no aircon but many kind of variety of food!! 

My #ootd Hello kitty dress ^_^ but of course without the headband. Only for "Bai mei" nia! Haha btw I made that myself hehe, nice or not? But I made one for my friend and hers is in Lilac colour which is super pretty!!!! So obsessed with lilac colour lor! So pretty :D

Okie I shall end my post here baibai :)

Signing off,

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