Monday, 30 September 2013


Hi orange juice! *Just a random name I thought of cause I'm drinking orange juice now ha*

Anyway, I'm eating my lunch now while blogging because I had to!!!
 I was sooooooooooooo freaking sad and kept crying in the morning when bf told me that he's confirmed going to Aus.... His family were all talking about it the past few days, but I kept telling myself that no, it's not true, no way bf is going to leave me just like that... BUT TODAY, I can't control and just kept crying like mad alone LOL Although it's only for 2 years, but 2 year is so long to me... Bf and I don't leave each other for more than 24 hours... How are we going to survive in this 2 year, omgosh no... I'm so not prepared.. 

Bf asked me along too, but one part of me can't bear to part with my family too... I also knew that my father most probably won't allow me to go cause he's one of the very very protective dad on earth haha, which makes me even sadder.. Asked my mom and I knew she disapprove it cause she kept skipping topic... My dad is coming home tonight and I'm going to ask him later at night but I'm sooooo impatient that I whatsapped him straight away and GUESS WHAT!? HE SAID YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! FUCK YEAH, I'm so happy just now, I'M ON CLOUD 9 MAN! But I'm still unsure if he really meant it so..... I HOPE IT IS!

I'm heading out later to meet my sis and head to my ahma's house to wait for my dad to be home, so excited and happy to see him!!!!! Can't wait! Miss him so much..

Oh and like about 2 more weeks to Olevel so I'm going to study soon. Shall stop here now, bye :-) 

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