Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Hey, how have I been?

Hey! Finally blogging since I don't know when.. I feel there's really a need for me to blog so that I could look back next time. Was scrolling and reading through every single posts, I realised many things has changed. I see that my last post was about me studying for my O level... Well, I didn't score well, but I'M HAPPY =D To be honest, I have never never score well in any exam, instead I flunked almost every subject.. I even ranked the last in Bio class... I'm delighted to pass every single subject which I had never never did.... Not proud of my score, neither am I disappointed.. I know I did not give my best, so this is what I deserve... I have been posted to Republic Polytechic, Business Application, it was my first choice :D 

So what have I been doing during my looooong holidays (that never seems to end leh)? Been working every weekdays. I'm so glad this is the first ever job that lasted for more than a week? Never had a job lasted more than 3 days.... I'm just not that kind of person who could stand for 10 hours and communicate with customer lor. Even my colleague say I should go for Customer Service course HAHA. Currently working as an Admin at freaking Hougang(FYI, I stayed at west area). I'm happy working there, do not have to stand, do not have to talk to customer(except when I have to do reception duties, which I still do not need to face customers, just have to 假笑 to everyone who came in especially the CEO.) SO DUAPAI CAN.... 

Of course, I met new people, who taught me new things. They taught me how to communicate with people, open up more with people.... I am somehow quite anti-social I think? I learnt that to survive in this society, you have to learn to be fake... You're not going to your bossy annoying boss and tell them you hate them and show them your attitude right..... Of course, be fake when you have to, be true when you need to. Been in quite a good relationship with my colleagues, I think it is better to keep a good r/s with them cause I need to face them everyday, and why not be happy rather than being angry with each other. 

Oh, I gotta work tomorrow and here I am blogging..... Really lack of sleeps the past few days, just gonna do a quick post ya :D 

Caught Frozen on one of the weekends and it was an AWESOME movie, I would rate it 5/5. Already cried at the first part lor!!!! Hooked up to the song "Let it go". 

Cuzzy's 18 birthday celebration. :D 18 more days to mine, I'm so eggcited although I don't know what is the plan hiakhiak... Really wanna hold a party because I have never had my own party before? 

Family, are the one who will be there for you no matter. Thank God For Them. 

我麻木了,请告诉我该做什么?好像一个人安静。每个人都有自己的心里话,一些话不能说,不能讲,只好放在心里面。。。 自己好像变成一个没感情的人,好冷血。这不是我,我变得好可怕。我再也不掉泪,再也不哭,但身边爱我的人都哭了。。。这么了? 逃避是唯一的办法吗?
You don't know how strong you are, being strong is the only choice - Anoymous 

Goodnight world :D Tomorrow will be a better day... 

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