Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sweet 18

Hi! If you don't know, I'm 18 already!!! YAY?! Sweet bf decided to plan everything for me and surprise me but I just had to ruin all the surprise! It is just me... I'll do whatever it takes to find out anything and everything hahahaha. I enjoyed the celebration though, with the presence of all my family, love, and closest friends. Thank you for spending my 18th birthday with me. ^^

Before the BBQ day, bf brought me to Planet Jupiter and LUCKILY the bouncer let me in hehehe Birthday girl not drunk but others drunk lor, HAHA NI MEN HEN LAN LOR =P Took lots of photos but unfortunately, my phone suddenly die la don't know why. Before that, about a week ago, I dropped my phone in the toilet bowl and without hesitation I put my hand in to pick it up..... Disgsuting please... Saved my phone but then, it just went dead suddenly. Yup yup, so no more photos.. Had lots of fun there, would LOVE to go again =D

The next day, head for the bbq session with only 2 hrs SO GOD DAMN TIRED. SO SORRY FOR NOT BEING A GOOD HOST T_T Okay, so let the pictures do the talking ya? ^^



So once I hit 18, Dad brought me to register for driving =D Attended 2 basic theory lessons with my cuzzy, good to have someone with me..

This boy boy of mine is going to the army in 2 days time.... And today is us being together for 1 year and 9 months. We always told each other, "OMG, WHY I WITH THIS KIND OF PERSON FOR SO LONG?" Haha we don't know why either... Look at his drunkard face during my birthday, so retarded can but that's the only photo I had during that day. Hopefully after his army, he will become more mature, responsible and after 2 years, he's a grown up =D Hopefully he can work for what he wants in the future. Jiayou dear =D Thank you for everything..... Sorry too...

I'm starting school soon, and it is the last week at Nera... Happy yet sad because all my colleagues are so nice to me, the people there are so so nice... So glad meeting them, teaching me about work, about life. XIE XIE NI MEN..

Ok bye, update again when I'm free. ^^

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