Saturday, 14 June 2014

Poly life

What's sup Unicorns! Finally updating my space on a lonely lonely Saturday and am having my 2 weeks holidays now. School's fine for me, doing presentation every single day, I really find it okay lor. It's fun and most importantly I don't sleep during lesson anymore! Presentation how to sleep? I somehow overcame my fear in talking in front of a class and I became really noisy and annoying to some of my classmates. There's a time when I kept thinking that my classmates find me annoying and irritating so I shut myself down on that day........... AND I really can't keep my mouth shut lor HAHAHA I wished I can be myself and hope people can accept me for who I am. So please.......... don't say that I'm noisy and annoying because it really affects me a lot. :') 

(They think their side view more chio)

Here are some of the awesome people I have met and I'm so glad I know them. Some times they are mean and rude, kind and helpful. But hey, friends are the one who are mean and nice to you right?! HAHAHA 

I am also currently working at Bugis Street as a part-timer every Sunday so do come and support me and help me to reach my sales target ya! So kind of some people who brought breakfast for me in the morning and dinner in the evening cause I'm gonna be late for work and can't leave the shop as I'm tending alone. I appreciate a lot. Thank you! 

Upcoming class chalet this holiday and I'm SO SO SO EXCITED IT'S GONNA BE HELL LOTS OF FUN MAN! Y'know RP changes class every semester and I'm gonna be so so so sad lor.... But aiya, there's gonna be more awesome people right?

Okay, I shall end my post with a photo of my boypren!

Bai :-)


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