Friday, 20 June 2014

Class E65L chalet

Annyeong! So our class has a chalet for 3D2N at Coasta Sand but sadly only about 12/25 people came. Still, we had quite some fun!!!

*Anyway, NEVER EVER CHOOSE COASTA SAND EVER AGAIN cause they suck. SUPER DIRTY AND CREEPY but anyway heard that they are closing already. 

Let's just let the pictures do the talking cause there's rly nothing much to talk about it. Hehe 

(The guys FIFA-ing)

I rarely slept during the 3D2N and luckily I have my dad to fetch me to Pasir Ris and back home! :D Even though it wasn't really a successful class chalet, but ah as long as I enjoyed myself can already lor. Totally loving the part when some share jokes to us. I rly rly enjoy listening to jokes no matter how LAME it is. Plus point for guys who knows many many jokes!

Working tomorrow and am still awake despite only sleeping less than 10 hours in 3 days. Shall sleep soon! Goodnight kitties :D 

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